Animal Payment Procedures

The CM-LAF accepts all forms of payment common to the university. Typically your research grant funding source will determine how you set up your animal care accounts, but we can work with you to review your specific needs.

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Research Foundation - Project/Task/Award (PTAEO)

Principal investigators must process a purchase requisition to encumber funds designated for animal care and other CM-LAF services.

  1. Establish a blanket purchase order for the duration of the research project or up to the end of the grant year. It should cover the costs of animal care, lab services and supplies.
  2. Submit the requisition, with the amount to be encumbered, to:
    • Purchasing, 224 Crofts Hall, North Campus
  3. If you need to make adjustments to the encurmbered dollar amount or time period or have questions, please contact Research Accounts Payable at 645-5000 x 1097.

The original monthly invoice goes directly to Research Accounts Payable for processing.

The investigator receives a copy of the monthly charges.

For any problems regarding animal inventory or the monthly charges, please call 829-2919. You must submit account changes and/or special arrangments in writing to the CM-LAF before we can take action.

State or IFR Accounts

Principal investigators must make arrangements with their departments to allocate funds for animal care and other CM-LAF services.

  • At the beginning of your project, please give the CM-LAF office the account number to be used for billing purposes.
  • We send the original invoices directly to Accounts Payable for payment.
  • The investigator receives a copy of the invoice for his/her records.
  • For any questions or problems, contact the CM-LAF at 829-2919.

UBF Accounts

Principal investigators using UBF accounts receive both original invoices and the copies. 

  • Please sign the original invoice, including the account number to be charged.
  • Within seven days, please send the original invoice to:
    • Laboratory Animal Facilities, 116 BEB.
  • Please keep the copy for your records.

Payment by Check

  • Please make checks payable to Research Foundation SUNYAB and send to:
    • Lab Animal Facilities, 116 Biomedical Education Building, Buffalo NY 14214.
  • All invoices paid by check will have a 13% General University Service Fee (GUSF) added to the invoice.
    • This additional fee is to be charged against revenue generated as a result of all eligible activity through the use of university faculty or staff time and/or use of university facilities.
  • For any questions about this procedure, contact the CM-LAF at 829-2919.