The architecture of each person’s brain is unique, and differences may influence how quickly people can complete various cognitive tasks. But how neuroanatomy impacts performance is largely an open question. To learn more, scientists are developing a new tool — computational models of the brain — to simulate how the structure of the brain may impact brain activity and, ultimately, human behavior. The research focuses on interconnectivity within the brain, looking at how different regions are linked to and interact with one another (traits that vary between individuals). A team led by Sarah Muldoon finds that this approach shows promise for understanding the interplay between brain structure and performance on language-related tasks. The research was published in PLOS Computational Biology on Oct. 17, 2018. Read more in the UB News Release.

Join us this fall for the Myhill Lecture Series by Dr. Mark Newman, Anatol Rapoport Distinguished University Professor of Physics, Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan.

The Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that, as of July 1, 2018, Dr. Gino Biondini will be named department chair. Dr. Biondini takes over from Dr. David Hemmer who on the same day will begin to serve as dean of Michigan Technological University’s College of Sciences and Arts. Read more.

The MA Focus in Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics begins Fall 2018. Students will acquire highly-marketable skills in the emerging fields of network science, complex systems, machine learning and data analysis, while building or reinforcing their expertise in computational and applied mathematical methods, probability and statistics.
The University at Buffalo Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that Michael Montoro is the recipient of the first annual Summer Math Scholarship. The annual undergraduate research award, established in 2017, is a result of a scholarship endowment by The Summer Math Foundation, Inc. of Amherst, New York. The endowment supports a six week, full-time summer program for the selected undergraduate student to work with a UB Math faculty mentor, which includes a $3000 stipend.
Founded by UB students interested in actuarial careers, "The Society of Future Actuaries" (SOFA) is now a club with roughly half of the membership interested in general data analytics.
The American Mathematical Society recently published Braid Foliations in Low-Dimensional Topology, co-authored by UB Mathematics Professor William W. Menasco, and Western Illinois University Professor Douglas J. LaFountain. This book is a self-contained introduction to braid foliation techniques, which is a theory developed to study knots, links and surfaces in general 3-manifolds and more specifically in contact 3-manifolds. Professor Menasco is currently serving UB Math as Director of Graduate Studies.

A new paper by Gino Biondini and colleagues at the University of Colorado Boulder brings us closer to finding an answer. The research, published in August in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A, lays out a set of newly formulated equations that are designed to characterize what happens when an undular bore occurs and spreads along two axes. Visually, this phenomenon resembles the concentric ripples that proliferate outward when you toss a stone into a pond. Read more.


UB Math welcomes Alexandru Chirvasitu to our faculty in Fall 2017. His work includes: representation theory with a quantum group flavour; non-commutative geometry and some functional analysis and operator algebras; category theory; and some algebraic geometry, mostly foundational issues, such as scheme/stack reconstruction from category-theoretic data. Chirvasitu is co-author of Exotic Elliptic Algebras of dimension 4 (with S. Paul Smith) forthcoming in Advances in Mathematics. We look forward to watching his impressive publication repository continue to grow as a member of our faculty.


UB Math welcomes Dane Taylor to our faculty in Fall 2017. His work, at the intersection of high-dimensional data analysis (HDDA)nonlinear and complex systems, and network science, uses analyses of functional and structural networks, time series, images, videos, etc., to study complex systems arising in biology, physics, and engineering. Aiming to develop new tools for HDDA, Taylor's research incorporates methodologies from nonlinear dynamics, linear algebra, spectral graph theory, computational topology, statistics, statistical physics and machine learning. We expect Taylor will make full use of abundant resources available at UB and within our department.

The Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching. Winning the top awards, including a $750 prize, were Charles Cain and Abdalrazzaq Zalloum.
On Saturday, April 8, 2017, the KSEA National Mathematics Competition was held at the University at Buffalo in the UB Mathematics Building. The local organizers were Jae-Hun Jung (UB), Byung-Jay Kahng (Canisius) and Jaeho Lee (University of North Florida).

The UB research marks a step forward in the quest to develop personalized brain stimulation as a treatment for disease.

Hanfeng Li has co-authored a new book with David Kerr, entitled, Ergodic Theory: Independence and Dichotomies. The book provides an introduction to the ergodic theory and topological dynamics of actions of countable groups.
The University at Buffalo Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce the creation of a fund to support our Association for Women in Mathematics chapter, and more generally to provide opportunities for women in our department. A generous donation from Gerald Sufrin, M.D., and his wife Janice Sufrin, PhD, established the fund.
Stephen Cavior is the longest serving professor in the history of our department, giving 50 years to UB Math before his 2013 retirement.
Starting in Summer 2017, one UB mathematics major will be the first to receive the “Summer Math Scholarship” to pursue individual research with a faculty mentor. The Summer Math Foundation, Inc. of Amherst, NY has funded the program for 2017 and simultaneously established an endowment to support the program for future summers.
The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) named a record number of winners from UB this year, one more than all the awards given to students in the rest of the SUNY system. For the 2016 competition, NSF received close to 17,000 applications, and made 2,000 award offers.
Work by UB mathematician Gino Biondini, builds on centuries of research devoted to using math to describe the physical world. See UB REPORTER Research News.

Mathematician Bill Menasco studies knot theory, a field that is esoteric to many but could have applications in surprising areas.


UB grad Geoffrey Fatin has achieved something his UB faculty mentors say is very rare: a perfect score on the physics test of the GRE.

The National Science Foundation has awarded the University at Buffalo mathematics department a three-year, $600,000 grant to support the new program “Experiential Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE@UB).” Led by mathematics professor and director of graduate studies William Menasco, the initiative is a collaboration with industry and academic partners including IBM’s Buffalo Innovation Center, M&T Bank, Moog Inc., Secure RF Corporation and the UB School of Management.
The Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching. Winning the top awards, including a $750 prize, were Megan Johnson and Tara Hudson.
Thomas Effland wins Grand Finals in the Association for Computing Machinery Student Research Competition for his paper, Focused Retrieval of University Course Descriptions from Highly Variable Sources.
Competing in a field of 7,600 entries, UB's team became one of ten Outstanding Winners in the 2015 Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The worldwide competition is run by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications.
The University at Buffalo Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that Gary Bolduc and Ellyn Sanger are recipients of the 2015 Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching Award.
At the International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis, held in Brno, Czech Republic, our URGE To Compute team received the Best Student Paper Award for their presentation, "On Intersection Graphs of Convex Polygons".
The University at Buffalo Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that two math majors and three double majors were selected by the College of Arts and Sciences to be college ambassadors for 2015-2016. The program fosters student growth and professional development.
The mathematics department held a commencement ceremony on May 15, 2016, followed by a reception for graduates, their families, and faculty. At the reception the department’s outstanding senior, Jessica Eisenhauer, was honored and made some brief remarks.
Sarah Muldoon joins us in August 2015, coming from the bioengineering department at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research involves novel techniques and measures to investigate and quantify the role of network organization in brain function.
Li Wang joins us in January 2016, coming from the mathematics department at the University of California Los Angeles. Wang recently published An asymptotic-preserving scheme for the semiconductor Boltzmann equation toward the energy-transport limit.
Hanfeng Li has received the UB Exceptional Scholar Sustained Achievement Award for outstanding research over the past several years. His publication "Soficity, amenability, and dynamical entropy" is forthcoming.