Faculty Fields of Research

Math Faculty.

Our faculty are well-published scholars in fields of Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, and, Geometry and Topology.

The Algebra Group at UB has various research interests in the areas of Algebraic Number Theory; Arithmetic Geometry; Automorphic Forms; Categorical Algebra; Cryptography; L-functions; and, Representation Theory.
Our faculty have interests in multiple branches of mathematics relating to Analysis: Analytic Number Theory; Automorphic Forms; Complex Geometry; Dynamical Systems; Functional Analysis; Harmonic Analysis; Operator Algebras; Operator Theory; and, Quantum Field Theory.
Our faculty have a tradition of leading research in Applied Mathematics. The Applied Math group runs a weekly seminar series, with speakers from within the department and the university, as well as outside visitors.
In the core area of Geometry and Topology, our faculty interests include: Number TheoryRepresentation Theory; Category Theory; Algebraic Geometry; and, K-Theory.