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Apr 24

Analysis Seminar-Sebastián Barbieri, University of British Columbia
How to find aperiodic subshifts on countable groups
4:00PM, Wed Apr 24 2019, 250 Math Bldg.

Apr 30

Applied Math Seminar
Richard Plotkin (UB Music)

3:50PM, Tue Apr 30 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

May 3

G&T Seminar
Catherine Pfaff (Queen's University)
4:00PM, Fri May 3 2019, Math 122

May 6

Algebra Seminar- Piotr M. Hajac , IMPAN

4:00PM, Mon May 6 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

May 7

Applied Math Seminar
Stephen Lau, University of New Mexico

3:50PM, Tue May 7 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

May 10

G&T Seminar
Hung Cong Tran (UGA)
4:00PM, Fri May 10 2019, Math 122