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May 2

Applied Math Seminar-Ming Yan, Michigan State
3:45PM, Tue May 2 2017, Math 250

May 3

Analysis Seminar
Brandon Seward, Courant Institute
Positive entropy actions of countable groups factor onto Bernoulli shifts
4:00PM, Wed May 3 2017, Math 250

May 5

G&T seminar
Sam Taylor (Yale)
4:00PM, Fri May 5 2017, Math 122

May 8

Algebra Seminar- Matt Douglass (NSF & University of North Texas)
Schur-Weyl duality and the free Lie algebra
4:00PM, Mon May 8 2017, Math 250

May 9

Applied Math Seminar- Kanika Bansal, University at Buffalo
3:45PM, Tue May 9 2017, Buffalo

May 12

Last Day of Classes
Friday, May 12, 2017