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Oct 31

Algebra Seminar- Chad Mangum, Niagara University
Fermionic Representations of Twisted Toroidal Lie Algebras
4:00PM, Mon Oct 31 2016, Math 250

Nov 3

Tenured Faculty Meeting
4:00PM, Thu Nov 3 2016, Math 250

Nov 4

G&T Seminar
Bulent Tosun (Alabama)
Obstructing pseudo-convex embeddings of Brieskorn spheres into complex 2-space
4:00PM, Fri Nov 4 2016, Math 122

Nov 10

Applied Math Seminar- Pavel Lushnikov, University of New Mexico
4:00PM, Thu Nov 10 2016, Math 250

Nov 15

Applied Math Seminar- Misun Min (Argonne National Lab)
4:00PM, Tue Nov 15 2016, Math 250

Nov 23

Start of Fall Recess
Wednesday, November 23, 2016