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Feb 20

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Prof Dane Taylor, University at Buffalo
Title: Mathematics of multilayer networks for data science and complex systems

Networks are a natural representation for datasets arising in biology (neuroscience, microbiomes and genetics), social systems (reality mining, politics and online social networks) and critical infrastructures (internet, power grid, and transportation system). Due in part to the diversity of applications, there remains a significant gap between the popular heuristics that are widely used for these systems and the development of rigorous techniques grounded on first principles in mathematics and statistics. I will describe my analyses of multilayer networks in which different layers encode different types of edges, such as complementary datatypes or a network at different instances in time. This research involves a variety of techniques (e.g., linear algebra, perturbation theory, random matrix theory, and computational topology/geometry) and is both applied and theoretical. For example, I will discuss the ranking of U.S. Mathematics Departments using data from the Mathematics Genealogy Project as well as describe the information-theoretic limitations on the detectability of communities in networks. I will focus on situations in which applied mathematics can have significant impact in network science as well as describe situations where the applications are demanding new mathematical methods.

5:00PM, Tue Feb 20 2018, 250 Math

Feb 23

G&T seminar
David Cohen (University of Chicago)
Strongly aperiodic subshifts of finite type on one-ended hyperbolic groups.
Abstract: We discuss the ways in which the geometry of a group G constrains the possible behavior of symbolic dynamical systems over G. In particular, we explain our results with Chaim Goodman-Strauss and Yoav Rieck on SFTs over hyperbolic groups.

4:00PM, Fri Feb 23 2018

Feb 26

Algebra Seminar- Xingting Wang, Temple University
Noncommutative algebra from a geometric point of view
4:00PM, Mon Feb 26 2018, 250 Math Bldg.

Mar 5

Algebra Seminar
Liang Ze Wong, University of Washington

4:00PM, Mon Mar 5 2018, 250 Math Building

Mar 13

Applied Math Seminar- Guo Deng, UB
3:45PM, Tue Mar 13 2018, Math 250

Mar 19

Spring Recess
Monday, March 19, 2018