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Feb 15

Algebra Seminar- Raul Gomez (Cornell University)
A GIT approach to Stiefel Harmonics
4:00PM, Mon Feb 15 2016, Math 250

Feb 16

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Dr. Joseph Hundley
Representation theoretic methods in automorphic forms
5:00PM, Tue Feb 16 2016, Math 250

Feb 18

Colloquium- Erkao Bao (UCLA)
An invitation to contact homology.
4:00PM, Thu Feb 18 2016, Math 250

Feb 19

Geometry/Topology Seminar- Erkao Bao (UCLA)
Semi-global Kuranishi structures and contact homology.
4:00PM, Fri Feb 19 2016, Math 122

Feb 24

Analysis Seminar
Lewis Coburn (SUNY at Buffalo)
4:00PM, Wed Feb 24 2016, Math 250

Mar 2

Analysis Seminar
Zhengxin Lian (University of Science and Technology of China and SUNY at Buffalo)
Sequences realized by noncommutative toral automorphisms with zero entropy and Sarnak conjecture
4:00PM, Wed Mar 2 2016, SUNY at Buffalo

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You’ve heard of string theory. What about knot theory? Take it from Bill Menasco, a knot theorist of 35 years: This field of mathematics, rich in aesthetic beauty and intellectual challenges, has come a long way since he got into it. Read more. See video: 'Knot Challenge'.