Reaching Others University at Buffalo - The State University of New York
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Oct 5

Algebra Seminar- Anna Haensch , Duquesne University
"Kneser-Hecke operators for quaternary codes”
4:00PM, Mon Oct 5 2015, Math 250

Oct 7

Analysis Seminar- Eren Mehmet Kiral (Texas A&M University)
The Voronoi formula and double Dirichlet series
4:00PM, Wed Oct 7 2015, Math 250

Oct 12

Algebra Seminar- Kwangho Choiy(Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
The local Langlands conjecture for the p-adic inner form of Sp(4)
4:00PM, Mon Oct 12 2015, Math 250

Oct 14

Analysis Seminar- Jingbo Xia (SUNY at Buffalo)
Essential normality of submodules of the Drury-Arveson module
4:00PM, Wed Oct 14 2015, Math 250

Oct 19

Algebra Seminar-James Cogdell (Ohio State University)
4:00PM, Mon Oct 19 2015, Math 250

Oct 26

Algebra Seminar-Mahdi Asgari (Oklahoma State University)
4:00PM, Mon Oct 26 2015, Math 250