Mark Newman to deliver Myhill Lecture Series 2018

Join us on October 24, 25 and 26 for the Myhill Lecture Series. Learn more.

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Oct 19

G&T Seminar
Jing Tao (University of Oklahoma/Fields Institute)
Big Torelli groups
4:00PM, Fri Oct 19 2018, 122 Math

Nov 5

Algebra Seminar-Vasu Tewari, University of Pennsylvania
Divided symmetrization and generalized permutahedra
4:00PM, Mon Nov 5 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg

Nov 12

Algebra Seminar- Naihuan Jing, North Carolina State University
Presentation of Yangian algebras in BCD types.
4:00PM, Mon Nov 12 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg

Nov 16

G&T Seminar
Bülent Tosun (Alabama)
4:00PM, Fri Nov 16 2018, 122 Math

Nov 30

G&T Seminar
Jacob Russell (CUNY)
4:00PM, Fri Nov 30 2018, 122 Math