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Oct 17

Applied Math Seminar- Xudan Luo, UB
3:45PM, Tue Oct 17 2017, Math 250

Oct 18

Analysis Seminar- Kate Juschenko, Northwestern University
Cycling amenable groups and soficity
4:00PM, Wed Oct 18 2017, Math 250

Oct 23

Algebra Seminar-Kirill Zainoulline, University of Ottawa
Equivariant algebraic oriented cohomology and their applications
4:00PM, Mon Oct 23 2017, Math 250

Oct 24

Applied Math Seminar- Matthew J. Hoffmann, Rochester Institute of Technology
3:45PM, Tue Oct 24 2017, Math 250

Oct 30

Algebra Seminar- Henry Tucker, University California, San Diego
4:00PM, Mon Oct 30 2017, Math 250

Nov 14

Applied Math Seminar- Sonjoy Das, University at Buffalo, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
3:45PM, Tue Nov 14 2017, Math 250