Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events.
Fall 2019

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Oct 16

Quanlei Fang, CUNY BCC (Jingbo Xia)
Revisiting Arveson’s Dirac operator of a commuting tuple
4:00PM, Wed Oct 16 2019, Room 250 Mathematics Bldg

Oct 17

Colloquium: Barry Fox
A Quant’s Journey Toward Diversification
4:00PM, Thu Oct 17 2019

Oct 22

Applied math seminar: Mark Hoefer
4:00PM, Tue Oct 22 2019

Oct 23

Han Li, Wesleyan University ( Hanfeng Li)
Masser’s conjecture on equivalence of integral quadratic forms
4:00PM, Wed Oct 23 2019

Nov 19

Anita T. Layton (University of Waterloo)

4:00PM, Tue Nov 19 2019