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Sep 27

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Dr. David Hemmer
An Introduction to Mathematical Publishing for graduate students.
5:00PM, Tue Sep 27 2016, Math 250

Oct 4

Applied Math Seminar-Alethea Barbaro (Case Western)
4:00PM, Tue Oct 4 2016, Math 250

Oct 4

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Fred Stoss
Library Research Skills for Math Graduate Students.
5:00PM, Tue Oct 4 2016, Math 250

Oct 7

Algebra Seminar- Professor Du Jie, University of New South Wales, Australia
q-Schur algebras and their affine and super counterparts
3:00PM, Fri Oct 7 2016, Math 122

Oct 17

Algebra Seminar- Michiel Kosters, University of California, Irvine
4:00PM, Mon Oct 17 2016, Math 250

Oct 18

Myhill Lecture Series -Gopal Prasad
4:00PM, Tue Oct 18 2016, Math 250