UB North Campus, aerial view facing south shows Buffalo, Lake Erie, and Canada in the distance.

UB North Campus, aerial view facing south shows Buffalo, Lake Erie, and Canada in the distance.


Oct 21: Marissa Loving, Symmetries of Surfaces

Thursday, Oct. 21, 4:00 PM

250 Mathematics Building

Marissa Loving, PhD
(Georgia Institute of Technology)
Symmetries of Surfaces, Abstract:
There are many ways to study surfaces: topologically, geometrically, dynamically, algebraically, and combinatorially, just to name a few. We will touch on some of the motivation for studying surfaces and their associated mapping class groups, which is the collection of symmetries of a surface. We will also describe a few of the ways that these different perspectives for studying surfaces come together in beautiful and sometimes unexpected ways. Visit: LovingMath

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Our events are planned and announced according to UB's developing COVID-19 related protocols.

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The 2021 Myhill Lectures will be delivered by Gigliola Staffilani, Abby Rockefeller Mauze Professor, Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The precise dates will be announced at a later time.



Class of 2019: Professor John Ringland was the faculty speaker at the College of Arts Commencement. Professor Ringland's 2019 Commencement Address is here.

2019 Events

Feb 7

General Faculty Meeting
4:00PM, Thu Feb 7 2019, 250 Math

Feb 8

Applied Math Happy Hour
5:00PM, Fri Feb 8 2019, The Brick House Tavern and Tap -4120 Maple Rd, Amherst, NY 14226

Feb 19

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Dr. Dane Taylor
Mathematics of Multilayer Networks for Data Science and Complex Systems
5:00PM, Tue Feb 19 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

Mar 4

Algebra Seminar- Robert Kropholler, Tufts University
An introduction to multiple context free groups.
4:00PM, Mon Mar 4 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

Mar 7

Colloquium- Dr. Steven Mackey, Western Michigan University
"Inverse Problems for Matrix Polynomials and Rational Matrices"
4:00PM, Thu Mar 7 2019, 250 Mathematics bldg.

Mar 8

G&T Seminar
Levi Sledd (Vanderbilt)
Asymptotic Dimension of Small Cancellation Groups
4:00PM, Fri Mar 8 2019, Math 122

Mar 28

Applied Math Seminar- Alexandra Westley (UB)
Solitary waves and collisions in the strongly nonlinear β-Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou chain
3:50PM, Thu Mar 28 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

Apr 1

Algebra Seminar- Ziqing Xiang, University of Georgia.
On q-Schur algebras of classical type
4:00PM, Mon Apr 1 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

Apr 2

Applied Math Seminar
Cesar Aguilar, SUNY Geneseo
Anti-regular graphs as seen from within threshold graphs
3:50PM, Tue Apr 2 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

Apr 9

Applied Math Seminar -**HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO 4/11/19** Cornelis van der Mee, University of Cagliari

3:50PM, Tue Apr 9 2019, 250 Mathematics building

Apr 10

Analysis Seminar-Xin Ma, Texas A&M University
Paradoxical comparison and pure infiniteness of reduced crossed product C*-algebras.
4:00PM, Wed Apr 10 2019, 250 Mathematics Bldg.

Apr 11

Applied Math Seminar**RESCHEDULED FROM 4/9/19** Cornelis van der Mee, University of Cagliari
Cornelis van der Mee, University of Cagliari

3:50PM, Thu Apr 11 2019, 250 Mathematics Bldg.

Apr 15

Algebra Seminar- Dr. Shilin Yu, Texas A&M University
Deformation quantization of coadjoint orbits
4:00PM, Mon Apr 15 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

Apr 16

Applied Math Seminar
Nishant Malik, RIT
Triad Closure in Coevolving Network Systems
3:50PM, Tue Apr 16 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

Apr 17

Analysis Seminar- Felipe García-Ramos, Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi
Topological hierarchy of dynamical systems with discrete spectrum
4:00PM, Wed Apr 17 2019, 250 Mathematics bldg.

Apr 19

G&T Seminar
Ruth Charney (Brandeis)
Outer Space for RAAGs
4:00PM, Fri Apr 19 2019, Math 122

Apr 24

Analysis Seminar-Sebastián Barbieri, University of British Columbia
How to find aperiodic subshifts on countable groups
4:00PM, Wed Apr 24 2019, 250 Math Bldg.

Apr 30

Applied Math Seminar
Richard Plotkin (UB Music)
Musical understanding with sets, groups, and distributions
3:50PM, Tue Apr 30 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

May 6

Algebra Seminar- Piotr M. Hajac , IMPAN
Pullbacks of graph C*-algebras from admissible intersections of graphs
4:00PM, Mon May 6 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

May 7

Applied Math Seminar
Stephen Lau, University of New Mexico

3:50PM, Tue May 7 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

May 9

End of Semester Spring Faculty Meeting
4:00PM, Thu May 9 2019, 250 Math Bldg.

May 10

Cengage Webassign Presentation

12:00PM, Fri May 10 2019, 250 Mathematics Bldg.

May 10

G&T Seminar
Hung Cong Tran (UGA)
On the relative hyperbolicity and manifold structure of certain right-angled Coxeter groups
4:00PM, Fri May 10 2019, Math 122

Aug 22

New Graduate Student Orientation
3:00PM, Thu Aug 22 2019, 250 Mathematics Building

Aug 25

Test event in the past

1:00PM, Sun Aug 25 2019, Math 150

Sep 6

G&T Seminar
Margaret Nichols (UB)
Taut sutured handlebodies as twisted homology products
4:00PM, Fri Sep 6 2019, 122 Mathematics Building

Sep 9

Mariusz Tobolski, IMPAN (Alex Chirvasitu)

4:00PM, Mon Sep 9 2019, math 250

Sep 10

Naoki Masuda
4:00PM, Tue Sep 10 2019

Sep 18

Myhill lecture #1
Laura DeMarco
4:00PM, Wed Sep 18 2019

Sep 19

Myhill lecture #2
Laura DeMarco
4:00PM, Thu Sep 19 2019

Sep 20

Myhill Lecture #3
Laura DeMarco
4:00PM, Fri Sep 20 2019

Sep 23

Piotr Hajac, IMPAN; (Adam Sikora)

4:00PM, Mon Sep 23 2019, Math 250

Sep 25

Mariusz Tobolski (Hanfeng Li) Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Sep 26

Colloquium: Piotr M. Hajac

4:00PM, Thu Sep 26 2019

Sep 30

Aparna Upadhyay, UB
4:00PM, Mon Sep 30 2019, Math 250

Oct 1

Kristofer Reyes (UB Department of Materials Design and Innovation)
4:00PM, Tue Oct 1 2019, Math 250

Oct 2

Yi Wang (Hanfeng Li)

4:00PM, Wed Oct 2 2019, Math 250

Oct 4

G&T Seminar
Subhankar Dey (UB)
Cable knots are not thin
4:00PM, Fri Oct 4 2019, 122 Mathematics Building

Oct 8

Applied math seminar: Erdem Sariyuce
4:00PM, Tue Oct 8 2019

Oct 9

Xiaocheng Li, University of Wisconsin
An Estimate for Spherical Functions on SL(3, R)
4:00PM, Wed Oct 9 2019

Oct 16

Quanlei Fang, CUNY BCC (Jingbo Xia)
Revisiting Arveson’s Dirac operator of a commuting tuple
4:00PM, Wed Oct 16 2019, Room 250 Mathematics Bldg

Oct 17

Colloquium: Barry Fox
A Quant’s Journey Toward Diversification
4:00PM, Thu Oct 17 2019

Oct 22

Applied math seminar: Mark Hoefer
4:00PM, Tue Oct 22 2019

Oct 23

Han Li, Wesleyan University ( Hanfeng Li)
Masser’s conjecture on equivalence of integral quadratic forms
4:00PM, Wed Oct 23 2019

Oct 25

G&T Seminar
Thomas Ng (Temple)
Uniform exponential growth in nonpositive curvature
4:00PM, Fri Oct 25 2019, 122 Mathematics Building

Oct 30

Chunlan Jiang, Hebei Normal University
Similarity invariants of essentially normal Cowen-Douglas operators and Chern polynomials
4:00PM, Wed Oct 30 2019

Nov 6

Alexandru Chirvasitu (UB)
Loosely embeddable metric spaces
Wednesday, November 6, 2019, Room 250 Math Building; 4pm

Nov 15

G&T Seminar
Funda Gultepe (Toledo)
A Cannon-Thurston map for the surviving curve complex of a punctured surface.
4:00PM, Fri Nov 15 2019, 122 Mathematics Building

Nov 19

Anita T. Layton (University of Waterloo)

4:00PM, Tue Nov 19 2019

Nov 20

Hui Dan (Fudan University)

4:00PM, Wed Nov 20 2019, 250 Math Building; North campus


Nov 22

Bernard Badzioch (UB)
Teaching with Open edX
4:00PM, Fri Nov 22 2019, Room 250; Math Bldg


2018 Events

Jan 4

Winter Session Begins
Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jan 15

Martin Luther King, Jr.- Day Observed
Monday, January 15, 2018

Jan 24

Winter Session ends
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jan 29

Spring Classes Begin
Monday, January 29, 2018

Jan 30

Departmental Meeting- open forum with Chairman candidates
4:00PM, Tue Jan 30 2018

Feb 2

G&T Seminar
Yulan Qing (University of Toronto)

4:00PM, Fri Feb 2 2018, Math 122

Feb 7

Analysis Seminar- Jingbo Xia, UB
A double commutant relation in the Calkin algebra on the Bergman space
4:00PM, Wed Feb 7 2018, 250 Mathematics

Feb 13

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Dr. Alexandru Chirvasitu

5:00PM, Tue Feb 13 2018, Math 250

Feb 14

Analysis Seminar- Weiran Sun, Simon Fraser University
Global Well-Posedness of the Non-Cutoff Boltzmann Equation with Polynomial Decay Perturbations
4:00PM, Wed Feb 14 2018, 250 Math Bldg

Feb 19

Algebra Seminar
Jieru Zhu, University of Oklahoma
Two Boundary Centralizer Algebras for gl(m|n)
4:00PM, Mon Feb 19 2018, 250 Math Building

Feb 20

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Prof Dane Taylor, University at Buffalo
Mathematics of multilayer networks for data science and complex systems

Networks are a natural representation for datasets arising in biology (neuroscience, microbiomes and genetics), social systems (reality mining, politics and online social networks) and critical infrastructures (internet, power grid, and transportation system). Due in part to the diversity of applications, there remains a significant gap between the popular heuristics that are widely used for these systems and the development of rigorous techniques grounded on first principles in mathematics and statistics. I will describe my analyses of multilayer networks in which different layers encode different types of edges, such as complementary datatypes or a network at different instances in time. This research involves a variety of techniques (e.g., linear algebra, perturbation theory, random matrix theory, and computational topology/geometry) and is both applied and theoretical. For example, I will discuss the ranking of U.S. Mathematics Departments using data from the Mathematics Genealogy Project as well as describe the information-theoretic limitations on the detectability of communities in networks. I will focus on situations in which applied mathematics can have significant impact in network science as well as describe situations where the applications are demanding new mathematical methods.

5:00PM, Tue Feb 20 2018, 250 Math

Feb 23

G&T seminar
David Cohen (University of Chicago)

4:00PM, Fri Feb 23 2018

Feb 26

Algebra Seminar- Xingting Wang, Temple University
Noncommutative algebra from a geometric point of view
4:00PM, Mon Feb 26 2018, 250 Math Bldg.

Mar 5

Algebra Seminar
Liang Ze Wong, University of Washington
The Enriched Grothendieck Construction and Comodule Categories
4:00PM, Mon Mar 5 2018, 250 Math Building

Mar 13

Applied Math Seminar- Guo Deng, UB
3:45PM, Tue Mar 13 2018, Math 250

Mar 13

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Dr. Brian Hassard

5:00PM, Tue Mar 13 2018, Math 250

WeBWork problems are authored in an interpreted language that combines elements of perl and of TeX, extended by libraries of perl code.

This talk will boot a WeBWork server from "live" USB stick and introduce WebWork programming by editing myTestCourse/Demo problem 3,
which asks students to differentiate a quadratic.

You will get the most out of the talk if you are able to work along on your own laptop with a "WeBWork live" USB stick.
If you give me a blank USB stick (4G or greater) in advance of the talk, I'll return it with a bootable image of
WW2.12_Ubuntu16.04_Vanilla_LiveDVD.iso ready to use during the talk.

For a preview of the talk, see

Mar 16

G&T Seminar
Abdalrazzaq Zalloum (Buffalo)
 Contracting geodesics in CAT(0) groups
Abstract: The geodesicity condition for Gromov delta hyperbolic groups is a coarse local condition, in other words, in order to check whether a given edge path is a geodesic you need only to check that subsegments of length m, where m depends on delta, are geodesics. The formal way of stating the above is to say that hyperbolic groups admit a regular language that reads all geodesics in the group. This seemingly simple observation has a lot of interesting consequences. For example, one can use it to show that hyperbolic groups have a rational growth function. Another consequence is the fact that the boundary of a hyperbolic group is a subshift of finite type (over Z). Charney and Sultan introduced the notion of contracting boundaries for CAT(0) spaces, in short, these are the collection of all "hyperbolic directions" in a CAT(0) space. This talk will be about our theorem with Josh Eike proving that contracting geodesics in CAT(0) groups are realized by a regular language.
4:00PM, Fri Mar 16 2018, Math 112

Mar 19

Spring Recess
Monday, March 19, 2018

Mar 26

Classes Resume
Monday, March 26, 2018

Mar 27

Applied Math Seminar- Jiwei Zhao, SUNY Buffalo, Biostatistics
3:45PM, Tue Mar 27 2018, Math 250

Apr 2

Algebra Seminar- Ryo Kanda, Osaka University
Normal extensions of Artin-Schelter regular algebras and flat families
4:00PM, Mon Apr 2 2018, 250 Math Building

Apr 3

Colloquium- Barbara Prinari, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

4:00PM, Tue Apr 3 2018, 250 Mathematics Bldg.

Apr 4

Analysis Seminar- Tsan Cheng Yu, SUNY at Buffalo

4:00PM, Wed Apr 4 2018, 250 Mathematics Bldg.

Apr 5

Faculty Meeting

4:00PM, Thu Apr 5 2018, 250 Math Bldg.

Apr 9

Algebra Seminar- Theo Johnson-Freyd, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Moonshine anomalies
4:00PM, Mon Apr 9 2018, 250 Math Building

Apr 11

Analysis Seminar
Nico Spronk, University of Waterloo
Idempotents, topologies and ideals
4:00PM, Wed Apr 11 2018, 250 Math Bldg.

Apr 16

Algebra Seminar- Angelica Deibel, Brandeis university
Random Coxeter Groups
4:00PM, Mon Apr 16 2018, 250 Math Bldg.

Apr 18

Analysis Seminar
Hanfeng Li, SUNY at Buffalo
Garden of Eden and specification
4:00PM, Wed Apr 18 2018, 250 Math Bldg.

Apr 20

G&T Seminar
Bill Menasco (Buffalo)

4:00PM, Fri Apr 20 2018, 122 Math

Apr 23

Algebra Seminar- Joshua Eike from Brandeis University
Regular Languages and Growth in Groups
4:00PM, Mon Apr 23 2018, 250 Math Building

Apr 25

Applied Math/Complex Networks Seminar-Katharine (Kate) Anderson, Carnegie Mellon University
Skill networks and measures of complex human capital

Abstract: We propose a novel, network-based method for measuring worker skills. We demonstrate the method using data from an online free- lance website. Using the tools of network analysis, we divide skills into endogenous categories based on their relationship with other skills in the market. Workers who specialize in these different areas earn dramatically different wages. We then show that in this mar- ket, network-based measures of human capital provide more insight into wages than traditional human capital measures. In particular, we show that workers with diverse skills earn higher wages than those with more specialized skills. Moreover, we can distinguish between two different types of workers benefiting from skill diversity: jacks- of-all-trades, whose skills can be applied independently on a wide range of jobs, and synergistic workers, whose skills are useful in combination and fill a hole in the labor market. On average, workers whose skills are synergistic earn more than jacks-of-all-trades. This framework has the potential to reduce friction in online job markets, improve employer-employee matches, and guide worker training and marketing decisions.

12:00PM, Wed Apr 25 2018, 108 Capen

Apr 26

Tenured faculty meeting
4:00PM, Thu Apr 26 2018, 250 Math Bldg.

May 4

G&T Seminar
Angelica Deibel (Brandeis)
Random Coxeter groups
4:00PM, Fri May 4 2018, 122 Math

May 7

Algebra Seminar
Shizhuo Zhang, Indiana University
Exceptional collections of line bundles and quiver moduli.
4:00PM, Mon May 7 2018, 250 Mathemtics Bldg.

May 9

Analysis Seminar- Rostislav Grigorchuk, Texas A&M University
Group of intermediate growth, aperiodic order, and Schroedinger operators.
4:00PM, Wed May 9 2018, 250 Math Bldg.

May 10

Faculty Meeting
4:00PM, Thu May 10 2018, Math 250

May 11

Last Day of Classes
Friday, May 11, 2018

May 11

G&T Seminar
Bill Menasco (Buffalo)
Distance and intersection number in the curve complex (Continued)
4:00PM, Fri May 11 2018, 122 Math

May 12

Reading Days
Saturday, May 12, 2018

May 13

Reading Days
Sunday, May 13, 2018

May 14

Semester Finals Begin
Monday, May 14, 2018

May 18

Commencement Weekend
Friday, May 18, 2018

Aug 27

Algebra Seminar-Ben Webster, University of Waterloo
Representation theory of symplectic singularities
4:00PM, Mon Aug 27 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg.

Aug 30

Faculty Meeting
4:00PM, Thu Aug 30 2018, 250 Mathematics Bldg.

Sep 4

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Dr. William Menasco

5:00PM, Tue Sep 4 2018, Math 250

Sep 5

Analysis Seminar- Mariusz Tobolski, Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences
Local-triviality dimension of actions of compact quantum groups

Abstract:  "Local-triviality dimension of actions of compact quantum groups"
We introduce the local-triviality dimension of an action of a compact quantum group on a unital C*-algebra using completely positive contractive order zero maps of Winter and Zacharias. In the case of a compact Hausdorff group acting on a compact Hausdorff space our definition recovers the usual local triviality of a compact principal bundle.
Actions with finite local-triviality dimension are automatically free and there exists an analog of an n-universal bundle (in the sense of Steenrod) for any compact quantum group G. Our main motivating examples are the Matsumoto-Hopf fibration and the antipodal action on free orthogonal quantum sphere. As the main application, we prove a Borsuk-Ulam-type conjecture of Baum, Dąbrowski and Hajac in the case where the compact quantum group G admits a classical subgroup whose induced action has finite local-triviality dimension.
4:00PM, Wed Sep 5 2018, 150 Mathematics building

Sep 7

G&T Seminar
Ludwik Dąbrowski (SISSA)
The weak Hilbert-Smith conjecture from the Borsuk-Ulam type conjecture
4:00PM, Fri Sep 7 2018, 122 Math

Sep 7

Applied Math Happy Hour
5:00PM, Fri Sep 7 2018, Anchor Bar on corner of Maple and Sweethome Rd.

Sep 10

Algebra Seminar-Piotr M. Hajac, IMPAN
An equivariant pullback structure of trimmable graph c*-algebras
4:00PM, Mon Sep 10 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg.

Sep 11

Graduate Mentoring Seminar-Dr. Bernard Badzioch

5:00PM, Tue Sep 11 2018, Math 250

Sep 12

Analysis Seminar- Jianchao Wu, Penn State University
Demystifying Rokhlin dimension and related notions
4:00PM, Wed Sep 12 2018, 150 Math Bldg

Sep 13


Thursday, September 13, 2018,

Sep 14

G&T Seminar
Camille Horbez (CNRS/Fields Institute)
Growth under automorphisms of hyperbolic groups
4:00PM, Fri Sep 14 2018, 122 Math

Sep 17

Colloquium- Piotr M. Hajac (IMPAN) PLEASE NOTE RESCHEDULED FROM 9/13
4:00PM, Mon Sep 17 2018, 150 Math Bldg.

Sep 18

Applied Math Seminar
Kenny Joseph (UB Computer Science)
Bayesian models of stereotyping and social categorization
3:50PM, Tue Sep 18 2018, 150 Math Bldg

Sep 18

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Dr. William Menasco

5:00PM, Tue Sep 18 2018, Math 250

Sep 19

Analysis Seminar
Yi Wang, UB​
Asymptotic stable division property and the Arveson-Douglas Conjecture.
4:00PM, Wed Sep 19 2018, 150 Math Bldg.

Sep 20

Special Interdisciplinary Seminar- Ludwik Dabrowski (SISSA, Trieste)
"Almost commutative geometry of the Standard Model"
3:00PM, Thu Sep 20 2018, 150 Math Bldg.

Sep 26

Analysis Seminar- Benjamin Hayes, University of Virginia
Local weak* convergence and the entropy of algebraic actions
4:00PM, Wed Sep 26 2018, 150 Math Bldg.

Oct 1

Algebra Seminar- Changlong Zhong, University at Albany
On the K-theoretic stable basis of Springer resolutions
4:00PM, Mon Oct 1 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg.

Oct 2

Applied Math Seminar- John Medaglia, Drexel University
The Foundations and Frontiers of Cognitive Neuroengineering
3:50PM, Tue Oct 2 2018, 150 Math Bldg.

Oct 5

G&T Seminar
Kiyoshi Igusa (Brandeis)
Equivariant Hatcher construction
4:00PM, Fri Oct 5 2018, 122 Math

Oct 8

Algebra Seminar
Debashish Goswami Indian Statistical Institute
(No) quantum symmetry for compact connected smooth manifolds
4:00PM, Mon Oct 8 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg.

Oct 12

G&T Seminar
Mahan Mj (Tata Institute/Fields Institute)
Bowen-Margulis measures and Extremal Cocycle Growth
4:00PM, Fri Oct 12 2018, Math 122

Oct 15

Algebra Seminar- Gus Schrader, Columbia University
Dehn twists and Whittaker functions
4:00PM, Mon Oct 15 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg.

Oct 16

Applied Math Seminar- James Chen, UB Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
A Kinetic Description for Morphing Continuum
3:50PM, Tue Oct 16 2018, Math 150

Oct 19

G&T Seminar
Jing Tao (University of Oklahoma/Fields Institute)
Big Torelli groups
4:00PM, Fri Oct 19 2018, 122 Math

Oct 30

Applied Math Seminar- Austin Benson, Cornell University
Simplicial closure and simplicial diffusions
3:50PM, Tue Oct 30 2018, Math 150

Oct 30

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Dr. Adam Sikora

5:00PM, Tue Oct 30 2018, Math 250

Oct 31

Analysis Seminar- Alexandru Chirvasitu, SUNY at Buffalo
Incompressibility of compact groups
4:00PM, Wed Oct 31 2018, 150 Math Bldg.

Nov 5

Algebra Seminar-Vasu Tewari, University of Pennsylvania
Divided symmetrization and generalized permutahedra
4:00PM, Mon Nov 5 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg

Nov 6

Applied Math Seminar- Francois Meyer, University of Colorado, Boulder
Tracking the Evolution of Dynamic Networks
3:50PM, Tue Nov 6 2018, Math 150

Nov 6

Graduate Mentoring Seminar- Mr. Fred Stoss, Librarian, Lockwood Library

5:00PM, Tue Nov 6 2018, Math 250

Nov 12

Algebra Seminar- Naihuan Jing, North Carolina State University
Presentation of Yangian algebras in BCD types.
4:00PM, Mon Nov 12 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg

Nov 13

Applied Math Seminar- Hiroki Sayama, SUNY Binghamton
Graph product multilayer networks: spectral properties and applications
3:50PM, Tue Nov 13 2018, Math 150

Nov 15

Colloquium- Dr. Brian Hassard
Grading from scanned exams with mark-recognition recorded scores:
4:00PM, Thu Nov 15 2018, Math 250

Nov 16

G&T Seminar
Bülent Tosun (Alabama)
Contact surgeries, symplectic fillings and Lagrangian discs
4:00PM, Fri Nov 16 2018, 122 Math

Nov 30

G&T Seminar
Jacob Russell (CUNY)
Convexity in Hierarchically Hyperbolic Spaces
4:00PM, Fri Nov 30 2018, 122 Math

Dec 3
Algebra Seminar- S. Paul Smith, University of Washington

Elliptic algebras
4:00PM, Mon Dec 3 2018, 150 Mathematics Bldg.

The algebras of the title form a flat family of (non-commutative!)
deformations of polynomial rings. They depend on a relatively prime
pair of integers n>k>0, an elliptic curve E, and a translation
automorphism of E. Quite a lot is known when n=3 and n=4 (and k=1),
in which case the algebras are deformations of the polynomial ring on
3 and 4 variables. These were discovered and have been closely studied
by Artin, Schelter, Tate, and Van den Bergh, and Sklyanin. They were
defined in full generality by Feigin and Odesskii around 1990 and
apart from their work at that time they have been little studied.
Their representation theory appears to be governed by, and best
understood in terms of, the geometry of embeddings of powers of E (and
related varieties like symmetric powers of E) in projective
spaces. Theta functions in several variables and mysterious identities
involving them provide a powerful technical tool.

This is a report on joint work with Alex Chirvasitu and Ryo Kanda.

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