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If you are considering a Major or Minor in Mathematics, please call Patti Wieclaw, 716-645-8785, or visit the Undergraduate Studies Office, Room 233, Mathematics Building.

Except for transfer students, application for admission to the Mathematics Major is made after admission to UB, and after completion of a certain amount of coursework. Students are usually admitted after passing MTH 141-142-241 with a 2.5 GPA. See UB Admissions.

Transfer students normally apply for admission to UB and to one of the Mathematics undergraduate programs at the same time.

International students: Admission to UB is selective and is based in part on the quality of your academic record and the number of spaces available in the class. See UB International Undergraduate Admissions.

Learning Objectives

Review the objectives for mathematics majors in the document, "Learning Objectives for Mathematics Majors".

UB Catalog

For general information about our undergraduate program, see the UB Undergraduate Catalog.

UB Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid will assist you with the financial aid process.

BA in Mathematics

  • General Curriculum in Mathematics
    This is a basic liberal arts major program in mathematics. It is not tied to a specific career direction, but rather provides a general background for students interested in a variety of careers that require mathematical expertise. This program is well suited to students pursuing multiple majors.
  • Concentration C
    Mathematics major with a concentration in computing and applied mathematics; designed for students interested in careers in applying mathematics or doing scientific programming.
  • Concentration GS/ED
    For the student whose career goal is to attain a master's degree for professional certification in adolescent mathematics education; may be coupled with a minor in teacher education.
  • Concentration GS
    Basic theoretical course of study for mathematics majors intending graduate study in mathematics, or intending careers in such fields as actuarial science, financial analysis or cryptography.
  • Concentration GS/AM
    Mathematics major for intended graduate study in applied mathematics; a basic theoretical course of study for students planning a career and/or graduate study in applied mathematics.

BS in Mathematics

  • Concentration A
    Provides a course of study for mathematics majors intending to pursue a career as an actuary. Admission to this concentration is by departmental approval only. See the director of undergraduate studies for information.
  • Concentration BSc
    Same as Program GS with four additional electives.
  • Concentration BSc/AM
    Same as Program GS/AM with four additional electives.

BA in Mathematics/Economics

  • Program M/E
    Joint major with economics, for students intending graduate study in economics.

BS in Mathematical Physics

  • Program M/P
    Joint major with physics, for students intending graduate study in mathematical physics.

BS in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

  • Concentration in Mathematics
    UB offers a bachelor of science degree in bioinformatics and computational biology, with options for a concentration in biology, biophysics, computer science and engineering, or mathematics. Please refer to the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology program for further details.

BA/MA in Mathematics

Five-year, 138-credit combined degree program. Admission requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 in courses through differential equations and linear algebra, as well as letters of recommendation. For program details, contact the director of undergraduate studies.