Naoki Masuda


Naoki Masuda.

Naoki Masuda


Naoki Masuda


Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Research Interests

Network science; mathematical biology.


PhD, University of Tokyo

Research Summary

Network Science — dynamical processes (e.g. contagion processes, random walks, evolutionary dynamics, early warning signals) on networks, temporal (i.e., time-varying) networks, interdisciplinary applications

Mathematical Biology — gene networks, brain networks, collective behavior and networks of animals, evolutionary graph theory, evolutionary game theory

Selected Publications

Marie Saitou, Naoki Masuda, Omer Gokcumen. Similarity-based analysis of allele frequency distribution among multiple populations identifies adaptive genomic structural variants. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 39, msab313 (2021).

Naoki Masuda, Luis E. C. Rocha. A Gillespie algorithm for non-Markovian stochastic processes. SIAM Review, 60, 95-115 (2018).

Naoki Masuda, Mason A. Porter, Renaud Lambiotte. Random walks and diffusion on networks. Physics Reports, 716-717, 1-58 (2017). 

Naoki Masuda, Renaud Lambiotte. A Guide to Temporal Networks. World Scientific, Singapore (2016; 2020, Second Edition).