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  • Hanfeng Li named UB Distinguished Professor
    Hanfeng Li has been named UB Distinguished Professor. His primary research interest is noncommutative geometry and dynamical systems, particularly connections between operator algebras and dynamical systems. A 2020 fellow of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), his recent work concentrates on actions of countable sofic groups and algebraic actions of general countable (amenable) groups. 
  • Badzioch wins SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching
    Bernard Badzioch has won the 2024 SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Dr. Badzioch was recognized for consistently demonstrating superior teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level. As an innovative educator, students remark that Dr. Badzioch has the “rare skill, particularly amongst mathematicians,” to understand even their most incomprehensible questions and answer in a way that makes them feel good for having asked it. Read UBNow.
  • The power of stochastic differential equations
    A new algorithm developed by Naoki Masuda, with co-athors Kazuyuki Aihara and Neil G. MacLaren, can identify the most predictive data points that a tipping point is near. Published in Nature Communications, this theoretical framework uses the power of stochastic differential equations to observe the fluctuation of data points, or nodes, and then determine which should be used to calculate an early warning signal. The algorithm is unique in that it fully incorporates network science into the process.

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