Michael Montoro, center, receives the first annual Summer Math Scholarship, presented by Dr. Joseph Hundley, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies (left), and Dr. David Hemmer, Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics (right).

Michael Montoro (left) and Dr. Joseph Hundley, Director of Undergraduate Studies (right).

Montoro wins first annual Summer Math Scholarship

The University at Buffalo Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that Michael Montoro is the recipient of the first annual Summer Math Scholarship. The annual undergraduate research award, established in 2017, is a result of a scholarship endowment by The Summer Math Foundation, Inc. of Amherst, New York. The endowment supports a six week, full-time summer program for the selected undergraduate student to work with a UB Math faculty mentor, which includes a $3000 stipend.

Research on generalized Direchlet series with distinct properties related to the Hlwaka, Zeta function, Z (r, s)

About undergraduate research—
Michael’s research focused on a mathematical problem which arises when expanding figures in a lattice related to image processing problems. The problem can be seen as a generalized Direchlet series with distinct properties related to the Hlwaka, Zeta function, Z (r, s). This function and its possible properties was central to Michael’s research.

Michael obtained positive results with respect to expanding certain kind of figures in the plane, namely rectangles and ellipses. His objective is to achieve results for larger families of figures. He also hopes that there will be applications of this very abstract material, for example to image processing, as mentioned above.                                   

Michael is intrigued by the connections between algebra, number theory and topology, and has enjoyed studying parts of algebra and topology, as well as doing research.

About the potential benefits to society of pure mathematical research—                        
Pure mathematical activity is seen by Michael as the art of uncovering the connections of objects and their patterns on some spiritual level, and views their applications, more as a conveyance of math’s powerful ways to the endeavors of others.

About which courses and/or professors have aroused his research interests—
My professors have encouraged asking penetrating questions relating to the material we were studying. In particular Professors Bernard Badzioch, Yiqiang Li, and Cagatay Kutluhan have been very helpful. My thesis advisor, Professor Joseph Hundley has been very instrumental in guiding me with my studies, and influencing my decisions.

About other activities at UB that Michael is involved—
Michael is involved in the Math Club. Currently, he is preparing and taking the very prestigious Putnam exams; Michael also volunteers for an after-hours extension of the Help Center, which offers free, walk-in help on lower level mathematics courses: MTH 121, 122, 131, 141, 142, 241, 306, 309.

About reaching goals—
In general, Michael likes to pass on his enthusiasm and knowledge to others. He looks forward to his future involvement with higher education. About opportunity at UB, Micheel states, "I’m grateful to have gotten all the support I have, both academically and financially, from both the department and university, in order to reach my general goals."