One of the striking phenomena of the twenty-first century is the increasing use of advanced mathematics in almost every field of human endeavor.

Mathematics is the science of quantity, space, and structure. It is the most fundamental of all sciences. Our Mathematics students find that they can increase their problem solving and analytical skills in preparation for a wide variety of careers. Mathematical study also provides an appreciation of one of the most beautiful and useful of all human sciences.

  • Why Choose Us?
    We believe that students learn best when they have the opportunity to ask questions and get acquainted with their professors, and with their fellow students. We are proud to have full-time faculty members who enjoy teaching and mentoring at all levels of study.
  • Our Mission
    The department’s animating mission continues to be the production and dissemination of significant mathematics research having a recognized impact on the development of both fundamental and applied mathematics.
  • Our Alumni, Students, and Faculty
    You are part of a proud national and international community of UB Mathematics Alumni. You will always be a part of UB Mathematics, and we want to keep you connected.
  • Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
    This page provides an overview of the remarkable work of Scott W. Williams, PhD, Emeritus Professor, UB Mathematics.  Dr. Williams joined our faculty in 1971, as Assistant Professor of Mathematics. In 1975, Dr. Williams was the first topologist to apply the concept of scales (now known as b=d) to give a partial solution of the famous Box Product problem, which is still unsettled today. Among many accomplishments, Dr. Williams is a founder of Black and Third World Mathematicians which, in 1971, became the National Association of Mathematicians. In 1982, he won the New York Chancellor Award for Excellence in Teaching, and was promoted to Full Professor a few years later.
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