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Faculty members enjoy teaching and mentoring

We believe that students learn best when they have the opportunity to ask questions and get acquainted with their professors, and with their fellow students. We are proud to have full-time faculty members who enjoy teaching and mentoring at all levels of study.

Faculty are available to meet with students regularly, and our academic advising system is well organized and easily accessible. Each major is advised personally by the undergraduate director on both academic choices and career options. To assist students in succeeding in our courses, we have established a special tutorial center for Mathematics Help. Our undergraduate studies office maintains close contact with our majors throughout their UB careers.

Math Lounge.

Friendly and informal

We strive to create a friendly and informal atmosphere conducive to the formation of study groups, peer-to-peer engagement, and relaxed faculty-student contact. Students, professors, mentors, content-specialists, and lecturers regularly interact in our luxurious lounge.

On blackboards surrounding the lounge, you will see complex equations and mathematical puzzles unfold to spark discussion and discovery.

Get to know us! Our 30 tenure-track faculty teach a variety of courses each semester, including more than a dozen electives for our 300+ majors and thousands of credit hours of calculus. They advise reading projects, undergraduate honors theses and doctoral theses. Please feel free to visit faculty during their office hours. We also invite you to meet our 80 graduate students, many of whom serve as teaching assistants in your calculus recitations. Our recitations are capped at 30 students.

UB Mathematics is an academic department in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).  Founded in 1915, the CAS is the largest and most comprehensive academic unit at UB with 25 academic departments, 12 academic programs, and 21 centers and institutes across the humanities, arts, and sciences.