Alumni & Friends

You are part of a proud national and international community of University at Buffalo's Mathematics Alumni. We would really like to hear how you are doing! You will always be a part of the UB Math family, and we want to keep you connected.

Please send your news and updates about job placement, graduate school placement and progress, career development, and personal highlights to:

Alumni and friends provide support that is vital for the continued growth of opportunities for students within the Mathematics Department.  Financial gifts, scholarship funds, and endowments are managed by the UB Foundation. For profiles of donors and details on what their endowments have made possible, please see Undergraduate Honors, Awards, and Scholarships.

Your support is very much appreciated by the Math Department.


Your support of the Mathematics Resource Fund is crucial to fulfilling the mission and goals of our department. The fund allows our department immediate access to resources required to sustain the achievements of student mathematicians.

For example, two teams of our students became eligible for a global mathematical modelling competition, held annually. Student participation was made possible, in part, by alumni donations to the Mathematics Resource Fund. Thanks to this alumni support, our student team is now listed as one of the world’s top five in mathematical modelling that year.

Your tax deductible donation will support:

  • Student research to be presented at national and international conferences and competitions;
  • Student activities and events to be organized by the UB Math Club;
  • Seminars by visiting scholars to be hosted by our department;
  • Graduate students dissertation defense.