Gino Biondini


Gino Biondini.

Gino Biondini


Gino Biondini


Research Interests

Applied mathematics, nonlinear waves, solitons, integrable systems, inverse problems, applied probability, stochastic processes, optics.


PhD, Theoretical Physics, University of Perugia, Italy

Research Summary

Applied mathematics, nonlinear waves, solitons, integrable systems, inverse problems, applied probability, stochastic processes, optics.

The study of physical phenomena by means of mathematical models often leads to certain nonlinear partial differential equations which reveal a surprisingly rich mathematical structure. The study of these equations thus offers a unique combination of interesting mathematics and concrete physical/technological applications.

Professor Biondini's research has two main goals: The first goal is to understand the properties of these equations and their solutions. This kind of research is usually called the study of "integrable systems", and requires a combination of techniques from different branches of mathematics. The second goal is to study the application of these nonlinear and/or stochastic systems to concrete physical situations, with the aim of obtaining results of practical usefulness. This often requires studying the combined effects of several kinds of perturbations which are often stochastic in nature, and can be done using exact methods, approximations (such as modeling, asymptotics and perturbative techniques), numerical methods (numerical modeling, Monte-Carlo simulations and variance reduction techniques) or combinations of all these approaches. Specific applications considered by Prof. Biondini are optical fiber communications, nonlinear optics and water waves.

Selected Publications

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