Emeriti Faculty

north campus.

Congratulations to our distinguished group of emeriti faculty. On this page you will find a listing of our retired faculty members. 

Page updated April 11, 2024

Stephen Cavior
PhD, 1963, Duke University
Research: Discrete Mathematics
Email: cavior@acsu.buffalo.edu

Lewis Coburn
PhD, University of Michigan
Research: Analysis, functional analysis
Email: lcoburn@buffalo.edu
Personal website

Michael Cowen
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research: Complex differential geometry
Email: cowen@buffalo.edu
Personal website

Jonathan D. Dimock
PhD, Harvard University
Research: Mathematical physics, quantum field theory
Email: dimock@buffalo.edu
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Nicholas D. Goodman
PhD, 1968, Stanford University
Research: Mathematical logic, philosophy of mathematics
Email: ngoodman@buffalo.edu

Irwin Guttman
PhD, 1955, University of Toronto
Research: Statistical inference, design problems, variable selection problems, Bayesian diagnostics
Email: sttirwin@se.buffalo.edu

Brian Hassard
PhD, Cornell University
Research Interests: Applied mathematics, bifurcation theory, precise numerical algorithms.
Email: hassard@buffalo.edu

Eugene M. Kleinberg
PhD, 1969, The Rockefeller University
Research: Mathematical logic, infinite combinatorics
Email: kleinbrg@cse.buffalo.edu

Jon Kraus
PhD, University of California at Berkely
Research: Functional analysis, operator algebras, operator spaces.
Email: mthjek@buffalo.edu

Catherine L. Olsen
PhD, 1970, Tulane University
Research: Operator algebras, operator theory, functional analysis, K-theory
Email: clolsen@buffalo.edu

Ann Piech
PhD, 1965, Cornell University
Research: Analysis, functional analysis
Email: apiech@acsu.buffalo.edu

Gershon Sageev
PhD, Hebrew University
Research: Set theory-infinite combinatorics, models, forcing, applications
Email: gershons@buffalo.edu

Scott W. Williams
PhD, 1969, Lehigh University
Research:  Set-theoretic topology, topological dynamics
Email: scottwwilliams@mail.com 
Founder: Mathematicians of the African Diaspora

Zbigniew Zielezny 
PhD, 1966, University of Wroclaw (Poland)
Research: Analysis, functional analysis, distributions, partial differential equations



To reach a retired professor, please contact our main office:

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