Sarah F. Muldoon


Sarah F. Muldoon.

Sarah F. Muldoon


Sarah F. Muldoon


Associate Professor

Research Interests

Network Neuroscience and Complex Systems.


PhD in Physics, University of Michigan, Physics (2009)

Research Summary

Dr. Muldoon's group develops novel techniques and measures to investigate and quantify the role of network organization in brain function. This work is grounded in network theory, a field that draws upon tools from mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science to understand, predict, and describe complex interactions in systems of connected elements. We use network analysis to understand the relationship between the underlying structural connections in the brain, observed brain signals, and functional interactions between neurons/brain regions. Additionally, we develop techniques to investigate how the spatial location of network elements relates to their role in overall network function and how this differs between healthy and pathological settings, with a specific interest in epilepsy research.

Selected Publications

S.F. Muldoon, V. Villette, T. Tressard, A. Malvache, and R. Cossart, GABAergic inhibition shapes interictal dynamics in awake epileptic mice, Brain (2015)

A.J. Trevelyan, S.F. Muldoon, E.M. Merricks, C. Racca, K. Staley, The role of inhibition in epileptic networks, J Clin Neurophysiol 32 227-34 (2015)

U. Braun, S.F. Muldoon, and D.S. Bassett, On human brain networks in health and disease, eLS 1-9 (2015)

S. Feldt Muldoon, I. Soltesz, and R. Cossart, Spatially clustered neuronal assemblies comprise the microstructure of synchrony in chronically epileptic networks, PNAS 110 3567-3572 (2013) 

S. Feldt, P. Bonifazi, and R. Cossart, Dissecting functional connectivity of cortical microcircuits: experimental and theoretical insights TINS 34 225-236 (2011)

S. Feldt, J. Wang, E. Olariu, L. Shtrahman, and M. Zochowski, Functional clustering in hippocampal cultures: relating network structure and dynamics, Phys. Biol. 7 046004 (2010)

S. Feldt, J. Waddell, V.L. Hetrick, J.D. Berke and M. Zochowski, Functional clustering algorithm for the analysis of dynamic network data, Phys. Rev. E. 79, 056104 (2009) 

S. Feldt, H. Osterhage, F. Mormann, K. Lehnertz, and M. Zochowski, Inter-network and intra-network communications during bursting dynamics: applications to seizure prediction, Phys. Rev. E. 76, 021920 (2007)