Travel and Expense Reimbursement System


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Authorized UB faculty and staff use the travel and expense reimbursement system Concur to book business travel, and to submit business travel and non-travel expenses for reimbursement.

UBITName and Password are required

Getting Started in the Travel and Expense System

Follow these steps to get started using the travel and expense reimbursement system.

Roles in the Travel and Expense System

Traveler Non-Traveler Supervisor Cost Approver

Travelers are individuals who travel on behalf of UB. Travelers can request, book and submit their business travel expenses for reimbursement in the system.

Follow Getting Started Guide

For detailed instructions to get started using the system, refer to the Getting Started Guide for Travelers and Non-Travelers.

1. Log in to Concur

Click the login button and sign in with your UBITName and password.

2. If Pre-Approval is Required, Submit a Request for Travel

If your department requires pre-approval for travel, use the Request module to submit a request for approval of your estimated expenses before you incur them. 

3. Book Your Trip

Book your business travel reservations using the Travel module in the travel and expense system. This is optional. You do not have to use the system to make travel reservations.

4. Go on Your Trip

During your trip, use the optional mobile apps to record your expenses and access your travel itinerary. 

5. Expense Your Trip

When you return from your trip, use the Expense module to create an expense report to submit your business travel and non-travel expenses for reimbursement. Be sure to attach required receipts and supporting documentation to your report. 

6. Submit Expense Report

When your expense report is complete, click Submit Report to send it to your supervisor for review and approval.

Travel and Expense System Instructions and Videos

Review instructional tip sheets and videos to learn how to use the travel and expense reimbursement system. 

Travel and Expense System Mobile Apps

The travel and expense system mobile apps are optional and available to complement the online site.

Concur Mobile App TripIt Pro App

TripIt Pro App

Use the TripIt Pro app to organize your trips and access your travel itinerary on your mobile device. The app will notify you about any flight changes or delays.

Activate your TripIt Pro subscription before you download the app.

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