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Use the NET Card for airfare and Amtrak expenses incurred by non-employees of UB (candidates, guest speakers) while traveling on official UB business. Expenses are billed directly to your state account.  


The NET Card is used to pay for airfare for non-employees of UB who travel on official UB business, for example, candidates and guests.  This credit card canot be used for personal charges or for any New York State employee travel. 

Applying for a NET Card

Does Your Department Have a NET Card?

Check with your department administrator to see if a NET card is already in place.

  1. Complete the form
  2. Print the form
  3. Sign and obtain your supervisor's signature
  4. Scan the signed form, attach it to email to Meg Mitchell (memcdole@buffalo.edu)

How to Use the NET Card

The NET Card is used to pay for airfare and Amtrak expenses for non-UB employees traveling on official UB business.  This credit card cannot be used for personal expenses or for any state employee travel expenses.

All charges on the NET Card will be posted to a campus central bill and billed to the department account automatically each month.  The NET Card Monthly Transaction Summary form must be completed each month and kept on file in the department for a period of 7 fiscal years (6 prior years plus the current year). The monthly transaction summary form must be signed by the cardholder’s supervisor confirming the charges were approved, appropriate and reasonable. Documentation of the business purpose of the airfare must be attached to the summary form along with a copy of the corresponding state travel voucher. If a travel voucher is not submitted for the trip an explanation must be included. 

New cardholders must register the card with Citibank for online access to statements. The NET Card billing period ends on the sixth of each month.

Your use of the NET Card is subject to the rules and guidelines of the Office of the State Comptroller and Office of General Services.

Misuse or Abuse of the NET Card

The term "misuse or abuse" means the use of the NET Card outside the employee's authorized parameters (e.g., charges in excess of the permitted limit; purchases of items of a type other than those allowed). Depending on the severity of the violation, the following actions may be taken:

  • 1st Offense: Both the cardholder and the cardholder's supervisor will be notified of the infraction. The cardholder will be advised to use the card for official purposes only, and within the parameters established by NYS and Citibank Visa. The cardholder will also be advised that all NET Card privileges will be suspended if further violations occur. The cardholder will be personally responsible for reimbursing the state for unauthorized purchases.
  • 2nd Offense: All NET Card privileges will be suspended for a period of three months. The cardholder's supervisor and the Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration/Comptroller will be notified of this violation and subsequent suspension of privileges. At the end of the three month period, the cardholder's supervisor may elect to reinstate the cardholder's privileges, with the approval of the Travel Card Administrator. The cardholder will be personally responsible for reimbursing the state for any unauthorized purchases.
  • 3rd Offense: Use of the NET Card will be suspended permanently. The cardholder will be personally responsible for reimbursing the state for any unauthorized purchases.

Note: Departments may implement further departmental disciplinary action.

Fraudulent Use of the NET Card

The term "fraudulent use" means the use of the NET Card with a deliberately planned purpose and intent to deceive and thereby gain a wrongful advantage for oneself or anyone else other than the State of New York.

The following actions will be taken in the event of fraud:

  • Immediate suspension of card privileges.
  • Removal of cardholder's purchasing authority.
  • Mandate employee reimbursement to the state.

Formal disciplinary action may result in termination of employment pursuant to applicable contract provisions or, for Managerial/Confidential designated employees, in accordance with the provisions of Section 75 of Civil Service Law.

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Meg Mitchell.

Meg Mitchell


Travel, Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-4535

Email: memcdole@buffalo.edu

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