Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

This report reflects collaborative efforts to implement communications strategies strengthening UB’s reputation around the world and building pride in the university among key external and internal audiences. These communications efforts support university objectives focused on increasing faculty research funding; recruiting talented students, faculty and staff; building relationships with university stakeholders; and communicating university values and positions in response to issues affecting higher education nationwide.

On this page

On this page

University Communications’ activities are closely aligned with the goals of UB’s Top 25 Ambition and are directed by a communications strategy with four primary objectives:

  1. Strengthen UB’s reputation worldwide as one of the nation’s leading public research universities and generate greater awareness of that reputation among key audiences, including peers, prospective students and faculty.
  2. Build pride in the university and support its initiatives among students, faculty, staff, alumni, so that UB and its key stakeholders can achieve their goals.
  3. Protect UB’s reputation, and its ability maintain its operations, through proactive and responsive issues management and crisis communications.
  4. Support UB’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals by developing communications standards, practices and content to support a culture of inclusion at UB.
  • FY2024 Quarter 2

    Fiscal years at UB run July 1 to June 30.

    • Brand and Reputation
      This quarter, UC's reputation and student recruitment (domestic and international) advertising efforts resulted in 11,795,734 impressions of UB ad content.
    • News and Earned Media
      UC’s media relations team produced and edited 75 news releases, 5 media advisories and 2 tip sheets. Unique page views for News Center content totaled 199,333. Earned media (total news placements) was at 8,041. Faculty experts were quoted in 3,755 news stories.
    • Impact in Action
      One issue of Impact in Action was deployed externally to 1,468 higher ed leaders at AAU, APLU, ACE and SUNY institutions, and internally to 205 VPS, deans and department chairs. Respective open rates were 34.30% and 55.60%, far exceeding the industry average.
    • The UB Effect
      Two issues of The UB Effect were deployed in Q2 to an audience of elected officials, business and community leaders and internal leadership. The newsletter earned average open rates of 31.4% (external) and 66.9% (internal), far surpassing the industry average.
    • UB Homepage
      The UB homepage increased home page interactions and time-on-page, driving user interactions deeper into the site. This quarter, UB’s top-level webpage attracted 515,613 page views.
    • Social Media
      This quarter, UC’s social team generated 432 posts on UB’s main channels, reaching 2.3M users and producing 118,609 total engagements, including 16,121 link clicks on UB content.
    • UBNow
      This quarter, UBNow readership remained strong with over 160,762 page views, open rate of 38.00% and a click rate of 6.30%.
    • Driven to Discover Podcast
      This quarter, Driven to Discover produced two episodes and achieved 296 downloads. In all, nine episodes of the podcast have been produced since the show’s launch in Jan 2023, for an average download rate of 125 per episode.
    • True Blue
      This quarter, the True Blue campaign website generated 2,443 page views and 11,728 web interactions. 12 True Blue content pieces (video, editorial and imagery) in UBNow generated 4,883 clicks and 6,692 page views. 
    • Trademarks & Licensing
      This quarter, UC’s Trademarks and Licensing staff reviewed and granted approval of 436 designs using UB logos and other marks. UC helped secure and manage placement of UB-logoed merchandise in 21 retail outlets (13 brick and mortar stores and 8 online retailers).
    • Merit Pages
      UB's Merit pilot program kicked off strong this quarter – recognizing 1,529 UB students for their accomplishments. The student email open rate was 94%, and the student click-to-open rate was 68%, showing that they were eager to engage with the platform and its content.
    • Issues Management and Crisis Communications
      UC develops internal and external communication strategies that build awareness and understanding of UB’s position on issues affecting the university. Additionally, UC delivers targeted alerts and updated information during urgent situations, whether it’s an incident on campus or severe weather that impacts university operations.

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