UB WordPress Features

WordPress interface shown.

The WordPress interface allows you to develop Web pages with the power of your mouse pointer.

Learn about a few of the special features of the UB WordPress service.

Make a Blog or a Website

WordPress is a full-fledged blogging platform that can create all the things you expect from a blog: organized blog posts, comments, category archives and more. But you can also use WordPress to create "static" Web pages with images, embedded videos, and varying sizes of text without using the blogging functionality at all.

How It Works

  1. Request your site. Your site will be on the development server.
  2. Customize your UB WordPress page.
  3. Once your content is all set, request to be moved to the live site by using the Request EIS Services form. UBIT staff will then create your public site and give you access information.
  4. Log into your development site and export its contents according to WordPress's instructions.
  5. Log into your new public site and import the file created in Step 2 according to WordPress's instructions.

UB-Branded Themes

Web standards are important. To help your unit's site project a professional image that fits nicely with UB's family of websites, two starter themes are provided using the UB banner, colors and typography. And...they're mobile-ready. Bonus!

CSS Customization

Want to take the look of your UB WordPress site a little further? No problem. For experienced developers, full access to your site's Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is provided through the interface. Learn how to access your site's CSS >

Requesting Additional WordPress Plugins or Themes

"Plugins" can be added to your UB WordPress site to add all kinds of functionality. You can find them in the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

"Themes" can give different "looks" for your website. You can find them in the official WordPress Theme Directory.

A word of warning, though: since UB WordPress is a shared, "multi-tenant" installation, UBIT will have to review your theme or plugin request to make sure it meets UB's security and accessibility standards. Themes with the ‘Accessibility Ready’ tag conform with UB’s efforts to meet WCAG 2.0 guidelines at level AA.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.