Panopto: Introduction and Features

Panopto is UB's video service.

Feature Highlights

  • Automated: Our Panopto server can be scheduled for a single lecture recording or for an entire semester at a time. Contact the learning technology team to schedule your lecture recordings.
  • Limitless: Unlimited storage.
  • Caption-Ready / Accessible: Make more videos more accessible by automatically adding text captions to your videos using the built-in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) feature. The automatically generated captions can then be refined manually.
  • Versatile: Panopto can capture anything on your computer screen (from PowerPoint slides to complex animations), document cameras, and video from just about any camera. Once captured, recordings are processed into an interactive, searchable web format as well as audio and video podcasts that students can watch on any device.
  • Integrated: Panopto integrates with our learning management system, UB Learns. All recordings can easily be shared as part of your course materials, and students can access Panopto recordings using their UBITName and password from any device.
  • Manageable: Panopto helps ensure that all recordings are captured and stored in compliance with university policy. A wide range of reports can also be generated to help you understand how your recordings are being viewed.
  • Searchable: Panopto automatically indexes all of your recordings so that students can find and fast-forward to words that are mentioned in the lecture, displayed on-screen, or that appear anywhere else in the video.
Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.