Using the Document Camera in a Zoom Meeting

Centrally Scheduled Classrooms are equipped with document cameras (doc cams, also known as Wolf Visualizers). These doc cams are connected to the internal PC so you can share whatever you write on the doc cam with your remote audience.

Operating System: All

Applies To: UB Faculty and Staff

Last Updated: November 29, 2022


Basic Doc Cam sharing

  1. Start your Zoom meeting
  2. Click the Share Screen button
  3. Choose Advanced
  4. Choose Content from 2nd Camera. The doc cam will be shared so remote participants can see it as well as people in the classroom

Occasionally, you will get a black image for the doc cam. The best fix is to restart the PC.

Capture the doc cam and computer screen at the same time

To share the doc cam at the same time as PowerPoint or some other program on the internal PC:

  1. Start your Zoom meeting
  2. Open VLC Media Player (on the desktop, in the MediaPlayers folder)
  3. Click Media > Open capture device
    • Video device name = Wolfvison UVC Camera or WolfVision Video Capture II
    • Audio device name = None (any other choice will result in audio feedback)
  4. Click Play
  5. Open the other program you wish to display
  6. Resize the windows so they show up side-by-side
  7. Click the Share Screen button in Zoom
  8. Choose Screen

The PC screen will be shared showing both VLC and any other program you opened so they can be seen by the remote audience and the people in the room with you.

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