X-Win32: Windows Download for Personally Owned Computers

A proprietary implementation of the X Window System for Windows computers. X-Win32 allows remote display of UNIX/Linux windows on Windows machines as a normal window.

Note: This software can be downloaded multiple times and does not limit the number of installations.

About X-Win32

X-Win32 is an X terminal application which allows PC users to connect their Windows-based computer to a Linux or UNIX server. It allows X application programs located on other computers on the local area network to connect to your computer, and will use your computer to display the results.


X-Win32 is available to UB Students, Faculty, and Staff in both the 21 and 2019 versions.

Installing X-Win32

You must have an active account on a system running Unix/Linux to use X-Win32.

Installing X-Win32 21

1.       From Downloads, right-click win_xwin32-21_20221114.zip and select Extract all.

2.      Run X-Win32 21.msi

3.      Launch X-win 32 21

4.      Start Connection

5.      When licensing wizard opens; select License your copy using an activation key

6.      Open X-win32_LicenseKey2023-25.txt file which was extracted in Step 1. to obtain license key

Installing X-Win32 2019

  1. From Downloads, right-click win_xwin32-2019_20221114.zip and select Extract all.
  2. Run X-Win32 19.msi.
  3. Make sure the installation location is set to: C:\Program Files (x86)\StarNet\X-Win32 19\
  4. Copy license.lic file from extracted location to C:\Program Files (x86)\StarNet\X-Win32 19\ (Note: replace existing file)

Help and Tutorials

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