Managing Your UBfs Space

UBfs file storage can be accessed from different platforms in different ways.

Viewing How Your UBfs Space Is Organized

Your UBfs space is organized into three directories:

  • Myfiles: for individual files of faculty, student and staff
  • Collaboration (Collab): for sharable files by departments and schools
  • Research: for active, institutionally sponsored research activity by faculty and staff for defined periods of time

Myfiles Space

Myfiles space is automatically created as part of your UBIT account. It includes

  • UBUnix home directory (automatically created)
  • Recovering Your UBfs Files
    A copy of each folder in Myfiles is made every 2 hours weekdays between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. The 7 most recent copies are available.
  • Sharing Files in UBfs with Others
    You can share access to files in your UBfs space with others.
  • Your Myfiles Quota
    Your default Myfiles quota is 250,000 KB.
Still need help?

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