UBfs Myfiles Access Methods

Store, access and manage your files securely from UB's cloud-like file system:  UBfs.  Myfiles is your personal storage space in UBfs. UBfs can be connected to many types of devices, saving you the need to drag around a USB device to save files.

Access your Myfiles on UBfs

Your Myfiles space is stored in UBfs. Save your files to your Myfiles space instead of a USB device or your computer, and then you can access them from anywhere. See how to access your Myfiles space from different systems, including mobile devices.

  • public_html is the folder with your personal web page; may not be renamed or deleted.
  • ubunix
    • store your Unix, Linux, or Mac files in this folder.
  • windows
    • is the folder for your Windows files
    • contains the folders nt and data (migrated from the old ubfs); may be renamed or deleted.
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