Remote Into Your UB-Owned Windows Computer

Access your (powered-on) work computer from home to use its programs and files.

HUB access requires a different method

For administrative access to HUB, please use Cisco Secure Client.

Operating system: Windows 7+ (home computer) to Windows 7+ (work computer)

Getting ready

  1. Contact your IT support to configure your University computer for remote desktop connectivity. Your IT support must make these changes to your computer before you can install or use the software, do not proceed to next steps until your computer is configured by your IT support.
  2. Make sure your university computer is on and locked before you leave. If your workstation computer is off, you will not be able to remote into it.

Remoting in

1. Have your default Duo-enabled device handy to approve log in for the last step.

2. On your home computer, open your Remote Desktop Connection client (search for RDP or Remote Desktop Connection) on your Windows computer and click the Show Options icon.

3. Enter computer and user name:

  • Computer:  {your UB computer name}
  • Username:\{YourUBITName}
  • Click Save so you don't have to type this in again. If you get an error, verify the information is correct and that you are using the backslash (\). 

4a. Click on the Local Resources tab and then click the Settings button within the Remote audio section.

4b. Select Record from this computer within the Remote audio recording section.

5. Click on the Advanced tab and then click the Settings button within the Connect from anywhere section.

6. Select Use these RD Gateway server settings and enter the RD Gateway server name:

  • The Logon Method should be set to Allow me to select later.
  • Also, if you're using the same credentials to log into both the RD Gateway and the Windows server, then check Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer.  This will eliminate being prompted to log on twice.
  • Note:  If logging on from the UB network, uncheck Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses.
7. Click OK to close this screen and click Connect.  

8. If you previously selected the option to Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer, then you'll notice when prompted for your credentials, that it will state that those credentials will be used to log on to both the RD Gateway server and the remote Windows system you want to log onto.

  • Enter\{YourUBITName} and your UBITName and password to log on.  

9. Since RD Gateway requires two-factor authentication, you must approve login from your default Duo-enabled device. The Windows screen will not prompt you – Please check your default Duo device, such as opening the Duo app on your phone and selecting Approve.