What happens to your UBIT services when your enrollment status changes

See how changes to your official affiliation affect the UBIT services you can access.

Not Enrolled at UB for Fall or Spring Semesters

  • You will lose access to UBIT services and UBmail
  • You will lose access to UBbox and OneDrive cloud storage
  • Former students enrolled spring 2011 and after retain access to HUB and MyUB indefinitely

Granted an Official Leave of Absence

You retain access to UBIT services for the length of your leave. 

Working to Make Up a Grade of Incomplete

Contact either the professor of the class you are completing or a departmental administrative staff member and have them contact the UBIT Help Center to confirm you are working to make up a grade of Incomplete. Once the UBIT Help Center receives confirmation, your UBITName will retain access to UBIT services for up to 6 months.

Common Questions

I no longer attend UB. Can I access MyUB and HUB?

All former students enrolled spring 2011 or after, whether or not they graduate from UB, retain access to MyUB and HUB indefinitely.  Transcript requests for those individuals can be made through HUB.

Transcripts for individuals who graduated prior to spring 2011 are handled through the Office of the Registrar.

Can I still access UBbox, Google Drive or Microsoft 365 OneDrive cloud storage if I'm not currently enrolled at UB for Fall or Spring semester?

No. You must transfer documents that you want to keep from your Google Drive, OneDrive and UBbox space to personal file storage while you are still enrolled. OneDrive and Google even offer mover tools to move your files from your UB account to a personal one.

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