Remote Into Your UB-Owned Windows Computer from a Mac

Access your (powered-on) work computer from home to use its programs and files.

HUB access requires a different method

For administrative access to HUB, please use Cisco Secure Client.

Operating system: Macintosh 10.12+ (home computer) to Windows 7+ (work computer)

Processor: 64-bit

On this page:

Getting ready

  1. Contact your IT support to configure your University computer for remote desktop connectivity.
  2. Make sure your university computer is on and locked before you leave. If your workstation computer is off, you will not be able to remote into it.

Set up your home Mac (first time only)

1. On your home Mac, download the free Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 from the Mac App Store

  • Follow the onscreen prompts to install and open the program (you will need to sign in with your Apple ID)
  • If you would like to use your microphone and camera, click OK

2. Click the Microsoft Remote Desktop Menu (top left of your screen) and then select Preferences or Settings

3. Click the Gateways tab

4. Click + in the bottom left corner

5. Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Gateway Name:
  • Friendly name: UB Gateway
  • User Account: Use PC User Account

6. Click Add and close the Preferences window:

Add the connection information (first time only)

1. Have your default Duo-enabled device close by to verify you login during the last step

2. Add the connection:

  • Click the Connections menu (upper left) and then select Add PC:
  • Fill in the fields as follows:
    PC name: (enter the name of the computer you're connecting to)
    User Account: Ask when required
  • Click General (if you don't see General, click Show More), fill in the fields as follows:
    Friendly Name: MyUB PC (or whatever name you like)
    Gateway: UB Gateway
  • Uncheck Bypass for local addresses
  • Click Devices & Audio (if you don't see Devices & Audio, click Show More)
  • Check Microphone (or, if your computer has a drop down menu, select Microphone), and click Add:

Remote into your UB computer

1. From the main Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 window, double click on the new connection you just created (the "Friendly Name" you gave will be shown; we used MyUB PC in the example above)

2. A window will open showing Connecting ... (it may take several moments to connect)

3. If prompted to log in, use the following:

  • Username:\{YourUBITName}
  • Password: {Your UBITName password}

4. Since RD Gateway requires two-factor authentication, you must approve login from your default Duo-enabled device. The Mac screen will not prompt you – Please check your default Duo device.