UBbox gets a new look, plus new Collections feature

Students wearing masks work on laptops in a UB classroom.

Published December 14, 2020

You’ll notice a new look to UBbox when you log in beginning January 6, 2021. You’ll also find a new Collections feature to help you better organize your documents.


While UBbox looks different, you can still access the same features as before in much the same way, including convenient ways to share a file or share entire folders in UBbox—just look for the Share button in the top right corner.

Remember, you can always get up-to-date UBbox instructions by visiting the UBbox page on the UBIT website.

Introducing Collections

A screenshot of the new UBbox interface, highlighting the Collections feature on the left-hand sidebar.

Find My Collections on the left-hand sidebar of the new UBbox interface.

Collections are a new way to tag your files so you can organize them around a common type or topic and access them easily. Any Collections your make, and any files or folders added to them, will be accessible from the sidebar on the left of the UBbox interface.

To either add a file to an existing Collection, or create a new Collection and add it there, click the star icon at the top right of the UBbox interface. Previously, clicking this button automatically added a file or folder to your Favorites; now, Favorites is just one of your Collections, and you can define more as you need them to keep your files organized and handy.

Want to learn more about Collections? Visit the box website for complete instructions.

Help with UBbox

Request help with UBbox from UBIT—we can even present on best practices for using UBbox to your department. Call 716-645-3542, or visit buffalo.edu/ubit/help.