Advanced Networking

Engineers in machine room.

UB distinguishes itself with three interconnected campuses, highly trained network engineers and support staff, and access to some of the fastest Internet infrastructure available.

Extensive Campus Connections

UB has access to high-capacity fiber optic networks connecting the three campuses. UB has constructed and owns an extensive regional fiber infrastructure that provides robust inter-campus connectivity needs and has ample capacity for growth. The available capacity on this strategic asset can be easily leveraged to support special purpose dedicated circuits for high-bandwidth connections.

UB maintains redundant connectivity to the Commodity Internet via dual redundant 20Gbps links to separate providers.  This connectivity is distributed to the campus via a highly redundant 100Gpbs backbone network with dual building aggregation links, 10Gbps connectivity for servers, and 1Gbps connections to the desktop as a standard. Wi-Fi connectivity is provided throughout the campus and supports eduroam federated access for visiting researchers.

Integrated IT Personnel

Support for the network is provided by our robust and highly trained network engineering staff.  The UBIT Help Center serves as a single point of contact with extended business hours.  The Network Operations Center monitors critical network infrastructure 24x7 to ensure service continuity and minimize downtime.  Planned changes are announced in advance and emergency alerts are provided during unplanned outages.  

Connectivity to Statewide Research Backbones? Check.

Collocated access to State research network backbones, national and international facilities are also available to support advanced research and education initiatives.  UB currently has a 20Gbps connection to the NYSERNet Research and Engineering network through which we connect to Internet2.  NYSERNet operates a wavelength division multiplexed network across the state interconnecting all of the major research Universities in New York.  The western terminus of the R&E network is collocated on our campus.  NYSERNet is currently connected to I2 at 100Gbps. UB is connected to NYSERNET at 100Gbps.

UB can leverage the NYSERNet network to provide dedicated wavelength high capacity circuits between Buffalo and other locations across the state.  NYSERNet also operates a major national/international network peering point at 32 Avenue of the Americas in NYC.

Upgraded Wired and Wi-Fi Networks

UBIT replaced over 1,400 wired network switches across all three campuses from 2017 to 2019. The upgrades ensure that the thousands of devices that rely upon UB’s networks are able to connect and function properly.

As a major investment in Wi-Fi infrastructure, UB Wi-Fi Boost, completed in 2017, doubled our access points and upgraded UB’s networks to the latest, fastest standard. UB now has 6,500 access points across all campuses, and plans to upgrade to the latest Wi-Fi technology in the next few years and further expand our outdoor Wi-Fi access.