UBIT Top Projects

Learn how UB Information Technology is making sure that our students, faculty and staff have everything they need for success with these recent project highlights.

*This chart represents total number of separate projects. However, this chart is not representing the total effort or staffing hours of IT resources that are being dedicated to each VP Sponsor Area.

Featured projects

MS 365

laptop with MS365 running.

UB is consolidating UB’s email and cloud storage with Microsoft 365, making collaboration simpler by providing everyone access to the same tools.

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Enhanced Internet Protections

UB is making changes that will strengthen security while providing flexibility to prevent disruption of necessary university functions, including research.

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Constituent Relationship Manager (CRM)

Students using laptops.

A CRM combines data from different areas to provide a holistic view, allowing UB to streamline and target communications across campus to faculty, staff, students or individuals outside of UB.

Wireless Technology Refresh

UB North Campus.

UBIT staff are replacing existing Wireless Access Points with top of the line WIFI 6e access points.  WIFI 6e will provide faster and more efficient communication in both high density and high bandwidth applications.

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