faculty and students.

Our Shared Vision

Our vision is to transform the student and all UB stakeholders' experience through an innovative CRM ecosystem that fosters exceptional experiences, impactful relationships, and seamless communication. We aim to empower learners, engage all stakeholders, and create a unified platform that deepens understanding, improves interactions, and promotes continuous improvement.​

Our Values


Cultivate a sense of belonging that encourages collaboration and celebrates inclusivity​.

Student Centered​

Provide high quality, personalized communication to each student​.

Planning Thoughtfully​

Plan inclusively and consultatively for future projects; resourcing adequately and managing responsibly​.

At UB, you matter

You are more than just a number. You have unique needs and interests. You expect individualized interactions. You belong to a connected community. You are not just a box that instructs you to pick me. You are bigger than any single label. You may have more than one affiliation with the university at any given time and your affiliations change over time.

You demand seamless, exceptional digital experiences supported by intelligent technology and coordinated processes. You deserve a unified engagement platform that meets you where you are and connects you with the right people in the right places at the right time. We get you and with our eCRM initiative, we are working towards that future.

Why eCRM?

A unified, enterprise-wide CRM approach offers the following strategic benefits:

One source for all constituent engagement data

More intelligent and personalized engagement

Fewer organizational barriers and improved coordination

Metrics to evaluate engagement

The eCRM Initiative

What is a CRM?

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) enables improved data sharing, better insights, greater engagement and stronger connections through a unified set of processes and supporting technologies used to facilitate the University’s interactions with current and future members of the UB Community.

Salesforce: UB's Unified Engagement Platform

Salesforce CRM connects 360° insights across recruitment & admissions, student experience, advancement and marketing on an integrated platform for a unified view of every constituent.


The eCRM roadmap reflects our initial discovery review process and Phase 1 (2023) commitments.