eCRM April 2023 Update

Published April 12, 2023


The eCRM Initiative is in full swing. Here’s what’s happening:

  • The Strategic Planning Engagement is underway. We’ve held nearly 20 discovery sessions with many offices and schools on campus. Interviews about UB’s change readiness will happen over the next several weeks. We’ll schedule a public review of the engagement final report in late May. A heartfelt thanks to everyone on this listserv who participated in these sessions. We appreciate your generous investment of time to make the final report a valuable UB asset.
  • We’ve engaged UB Senior leadership to articulate their vision and values that will guide future CRM development. This work was heavily influenced by the Guiding Principles document shared with you in February. Thanks to all who provided feedback. 
  • Our Marketing Cloud discovery sessions are almost complete. These sessions drive our foundational set up. Our dev team now has access to the server to do hands on-training. This week we begin digging into the discovery for Data Architecture, Email Templates and our Preference Centers.
  • In a parallel effort, the Enterprise Applications Support group has begun the important work of de-duplicating UB contact databases to be used for Phase 1 deployments.
  • Purchasing is in progress for Affinaquest’s Advancement RM and enterprise events management, Blackthorn Events Management. We're seeking partner units to pilot the Blackthorn Events Management package as part of Phase 1B. Please email if you are interested.
  • Several UB colleagues from across the campus are at Salesforce Education Summit this week in Dallas, TX, absorbing as much as they can about the ecosystem and creating strategic contacts with peer institutions.
  • If you haven’t seen it, we have a new website: Check often for updates.

Please email any questions or comments to .

Together, we are “delivering elevated digital experiences, building stronger relationships.”

On behalf of the eCRM Core Project team,

Kelly Kenline

Craig Abbey

Rebecca Bernstein

Kathleen Heckman

Kathleen Murphy

Bethany Gladkowski