Digital Communications: Marketing Cloud

Goals, Guiding Principles and Operational Framework

Goal: Build better relationships through more effective, engaging and efficient digital communications

Goal will be accomplished by:

  • Diligent, thoughtful and structured university-wide collaboration and coordination
  • Elimination of redundant, ill-times, poorly targeted communications
  • Personalized messages
  • Compelling, audience-resonant content
  • Branded, accessible and refined visual presentation and templates
  • Streaming from a single accurate, curated and managed source of data for all constituent groups
  • Sharing performance data that informs and builds a mutual understanding of communications effectiveness in order to continually improve engagement

Operational Framework

We agree to:

  • Adopt and steward governance standards
  • Establish a culture of collaboration and risk reduction
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Implement a UB-wide communication calendaring system
  • Ensure consistent brand expression
  • Maximize usability as systems and implemented UB-wide
  • Provide users with resources and support to operate effectively

Guiding Principles for Governance and Usage

  1. Proposed communication from UB units will have clearly defined objectives, target audience and success metrics.
  2. Access to audience data and demographics will be granted to support clearly defined business needs and objectives
  3. Alternative methods of effective communication must be considered to reduce overreliance on email and text message communications.
  4. To support student-retention and student engagement, cross-unit coordination will be required to more effectively address students' information needs and reduce message volume and redundancy.
  5. Digital communications will be scheduled in accordance with a UB-wide communications calendar.
  6. All communications will be UB-branded and will adhere to agreed-upon best practices for effective content creation and audience engagement.
  7. Information in each communication should be drawn from, or point to, an authoritative source to assure consistency and accuracy of messaging.
  8. The effectiveness of every communication will be measured and documented; results will guide decision-making regarding communication frequency, methods and content.
  9. To maintain data integrity, a data steward within each unit will be identified, and will work collaboratively with fellow stewards across units, to ensure the accurate targeting of individuals and audiences.

Functional Lead: Jessica Kane, University Communications

Status: In progress