Enterprise Constituent Relationship Management (eCRM) refers to a unified set of processes and supporting technologies used to facilitate the University’s interactions and digital experiences with members of the UB Community. This shared enterprise platform built using Salesforce’s Education Cloud enables cross-department collaboration and 360° visibility across the university. With improved access to accurate, timely and holistic information, we can create transformative and cohesive experiences to better serve our constituents and deepen our relationships with them.


Improved Visibility Across Departments: Increase transparency across the entire constituent lifecycle and eliminate silos of information with the adoption of a single, accurate and accessible source of constituent engagement data for all constituent groups.

Impactful Data Insights: Enable greater understanding of UB’s constituents to inform institutional and departmental decision-making in support of the university’s pursuit of its Top 25 Ambition through integrated interaction and engagement data.

Enhanced, Personalized Engagement: Ability to create tailored digital outreach and more meaningful interactions based on constituent preferences.

Greater Resource Alignment: Realize operational efficiencies to support student success, increase constituent engagement and improve university-wide coordination in digital communication.

Market-Leading Technology: UB joins a growing list of leading AAU peers that have already implemented Salesforce CRM and marketing solutions. The Salesforce CRM platform is ranked #1 in the world for CRMs due to its flexibility and ability to accommodate the needs of large and diverse organizations. In addition to collecting demographic data and tracking personal preferences, the Salesforce CRM platform offers tools for managing events, scheduling appointments, logging activities and supporting other types of interactions.