Advancement RM: Affinaquest

What the Advancement Relationship Manager will achieve:

  • Fostering alumni and donor affinity in support of the university’s pursuit of its Top 25 Ambition
  • Realizing operational efficiencies to streamline manual activities, increase constituent engagement, and improve university-wide coordination
  • Adoption of a single, accurate and accessible source of alumni and donor demographic and engagement data

How does the Advancement Relationship Manager benefit UB?


Integrates systems to deliver a comprehensive understanding of each constituent for customized approach.


Increases constituent engagement by transforming one-size-fits-all strategy into precise, targeted approaches for deeper engagement.


Automates challenging tasks like data cleansing, integrations, and record management so we can focus on what matters, the people.

Fundraising & Engagement

Allows UB to concentrate on passions of individuals and a deeper level of engagement.


Utilize data to drive operations and strategy to maximize constituent relationships and grow affinity of UB supporters.

Project Leader

Kathleen Heckman, Interim Vice President for University Advancement

Project Manager

Kathy Stuber, Assistant Vice President for Advancement Services