Manitoba Corporation

Manitoba Corp. executive poses for a picture.

Beginning in 2003, Manitoba Corporation of Lancaster, NY, was third-party registered to ISO 9001:2000 Standards. Though the scrap metals recycler has internal auditors on staff, time constraints have prohibited them from effectively auditing the organization’s business processes against requirements of the quality management system. Instead, Manitoba has looked to TCIE to serve as a second-party auditor for a number of years, and to provide a full range of services for ISO Standard implementation and training.

The Approach

  • Completed a quality systems gap assessment
  • Delivered management training
  • Developed systems documentation and a quality manual
  • Provided internal auditor training
  • Conducted pre-assessment audits
  • Resolved internally identified compliance gaps

The Impact

  • Met ISO Standard requirements, placing Manitoba in the 10% of recycling companies with this distinction
  • Reduced costs associated with product nonconformance by 53%
  • Streamlined processes, implemented more robust controls and enhanced customer focus, boosting company revenues by about $10 million in 2004
  • Certification helped to improve competitive position, as indicated through new contracts and client retention