L.A. Woolley Electric, Inc.

L.A. Wooley Electric, Inc worker.

L.A. Woolley Electric Inc. of Buffalo, NY, was in a time crunch. Certification of its ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS) was about to expire. A quickly approaching deadline to transition to the newest revision loomed. And the company’s team wasn’t sure where to begin. That’s when Dave Woolley, president of the electrical distribution company, called an old friend. TCIE originally directed the fourth-generation company toward certification in 2009. This time, L.A. Woolley sought guidance in wading through new clauses, interpreting terminology, and discerning requirements from mere suggestions. They needed a facilitator to view the company through the same lens as a third-party registrar. Weekly meetings, discussions and assignments for company staff rounded out one intensive month of work. It was the price to maintain, as Woolley says, “an ease of doing business” with ISO-revering customers and vendors.