UB’s self-driving shuttle — which advances NYS as a hub for autonomous vehicle research — made its public debut on the North Campus.


The two grants to UB's supercomputing facility will support economic development in WNY, as well as a UB PhD program.

Long Island resident Susan Gubing specializes in locating and coordinating internships for high school students. To more effectively connect with manufacturers, she gained vocabulary and knowledge from our courses.

The courses are part of TCIE’s fall inventory of open-enrollment business improvement courses for professionals.

An article on Business Insurance about measures employers can take to combat fatigue in the workplace interviews Lora Cavuoto, assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering in the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Like the state animal of New York, the rover-like vehicle uses surroundings to build complex structures, overcome obstacles.


Study finds the grain an ideal and safe contrast agent for diagnosing swallowing disorders.


Proposed biometric system measures brainwaves; creates brain password that’s ‘cancelable,’ meaning it can be reset if hacked.

In a blog post on Coursera, UB Computer Science and Engineering Research Associate Professor Bina Ramamurthy shares what you can learn from the four-course Blockchain series available on the learning platform.
NBC News interviewed UB Distinguished Professor Mark Swihart about a “tiny house” – smaller than the width of a human hair – built by a team of French scientists. Swihart, an expert in nanotechnology, called the effort “quite impressive.”