An article in USA Today features the work of Mark Karwan, Praxair Professor of Operations Research and SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering in the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and how mathematics plays an essential role in creating the NFL schedule each year.


UB’s Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE), the business outreach arm for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, managed course production.


UB’s Center for Industrial Effectiveness is helping Buffalo Niagara's largest nonprofit become a more efficient and effective organization.


Inspired by animals and buoyed by advancements in computing and sensing, teams of autonomous robots could alleviate future housing needs.


An article in The Wall Street Journal about the future of drone delivery services interviews Chase Murray, UB assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering, who said most of the things we order on Amazon don’t warrant the urgency of a drone mission.


The material could help reduce utility bills, improve energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings.


An article in IEEE Spectrum about Facebook’s 60-GHz Terragraph technpology quotes Swetank Kumar Saha, a research assistant and Ph.D. candidate in computer science at UB, who has studied the performance of 60-GHz consumer gear for indoors.



An article in IEEE Spectrum quotes John Crassidis, professor of mechanical and aerospace, about SpaceX’s claims to have redesigned its satellites to reduce casualty risks. Such a re-design, combined with replacing iron, steel and titanium components with less resilient materials like aluminum, could significantly reduce the chance of any fragments reaching the surface, Crassidis says.


An article published by TCIE Executive Director Timothy Leyh on LinkedIn calls on industry to partner with academia and contribute funds toward the development of online education. His call is based on reflections of a visit from Nelson Baker of the Georgia Institute of Technology, which offers three online master's degrees as a result of corporate monies. 


An article in Buffalo Business First explains what artificial intelligence is and is not, and how businesses are using it. It quotes David Doermann, director of the UB Artificial Intelligence Institute, and Venu Govindaraju, UB vice president for research and economic development. Doermann said AI is “affecting absolutely every aspect” of society, from health care to finance.