High angle of three creative designers working with 3D printer and discussing project plans standing round table with sample plastic models.

UB provides impactful solutions that help existing businesses break through barriers and new entities flourish. The case studies below are a few examples of how our services drive the innovations that grow and sustain domestic and global competitiveness.

  • Magtrol
    Magtrol Inc. sells approximately 40 percent of its dynamometers to European and Asian companies. The overseas businesses largely expect the Buffalo-headquartered company to adhere to stricter regulations implemented within the motor test industry over the past year. To uphold their company’s reputation and globally recognized quality, Magtrol turned to UB’s engineering faculty to provide mathematical proof that their product is compliant with the revised accuracy rating.
  • Thimble
    The UB School of Management’s High-Tech Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) – partially funded through an Economic Development Administration grant awarded to a consortium of UB entities and administered by TCIE – was an important building block for START-UP NY company Thimble. The program produced a domino effect, leading to company development and business growth for the maker of STEM project kits.
  • SR Instruments
    SR Instruments continually works to broaden the diversity of its custom scale products. One idea in particular – an all-in-one device that electronically records a person’s vital signs and other body functions – had been discussed for years. Talk turned to action with a UB biomedical engineering student who researched the non-invasive technology market.
  • KATZ Americas
    Customized software developed through TCIE helped Katz Americas fulfill custom coaster orders with ease, enabling double-digit percentage sales increases every year since the technology debuted. UB engineers designed a program to combine multiple orders and shapes, making operations more efficient for the largest manufacturer of beverage coasters in North and South America.
  • Matrix Imaging Solutions
    UB’s engineering experts developed the foolproof answer that Matrix Imaging Solutions needed to guarantee secure, error-free assembly of the approximate 10 million pieces of mail it processes monthly. Through a software system that optimizes Matrix’s vision system verifier, every document is tracked and validated in real time, helping the company attract new contracts and maintain existing ones.
  • Midland Machinery Co. Inc.
    Midland Machinery Company, Inc. utilized a UB engineering team to enhance one of its road construction and maintenance equipment products. Efforts resulted in the reduction of manufacturing costs and growth of the company’s competitive market position.