Oscar Pedroso, founder of Thimble.

While working in a college admissions department, Oscar Pedroso noticed that students interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) studies had no effective way to present projects. It got him thinking: why not create an electronic portal capable of showcasing technical work when applying for colleges, internships and jobs? That idea launched GradFly in 2012. As he assembled a team and began product development, Pedroso recognized the need to be “plugged into” the Buffalo scene. The UB School of Management’s High-Tech Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) – partially funded through an Economic Development Administration grant awarded to a consortium of UB entities and administered by UB TCIE – would serve as his building block. “I don’t think a lot of things would have happened if I didn’t go through the CEL program,” he said, reflecting on the program’s domino effect. Renamed Thimble, the company has grown its product into an interactive online community that attracts students as well as the “hardware maker” community, which dabbles in everything from robotics and drones to 3D printers and circuit boards. Pedroso is working toward increasing the amount of active users, expanding beyond Western New York, adjusting the business plan to entertain marketplace gaps, and emerging as a thought leader.