Male and female business people brainstorming with colorful sticky notes on the wall.

Lean techniques have the might to transform how work is performed, addressing business processes to optimize time, human capital, assets and material flow. The case studies below demonstrate how Lean increases value to customers through the reduction – and even elimination – of waste.

  • Cutco Cutlery
    The management team at Cutco Cutlery continually strives to improve its kitchen cutlery manufacturing operations, commonly introducing new quality initiatives but disbanding them before momentum takes hold. A different approach – the Lean methodology – showed staying power. It led to a more consistent mindset, greater attention to analysis, increased communication, and the empowerment of long-time employees who feel their voices were previously underutilized.
  • Litelab Corporation
    Leaders of lighting solutions company Litelab Corporation have thought of themselves as entrepreneurs since the company’s early days. As they evolved toward employing advanced manufacturing practices, the chief operating officer viewed the Lean method as key. His advocacy of a Lean culture materialized through TCIE training and consultation.
  • Viant
    The Orchard Park, NY, site of global medical device manufacturer Viant embraced a corporate-wide Lean effort to reduce waste, where improvement projects don’t have an assigned end date and everyone is encouraged to challenge the status quo. Gains surfaced across all departments, from production and engineering to human resources and customer service.
  • Baker Victory Services
    Baker Victory Services operates a café business that trains developmentally disabled and at-risk youth to prepare and serve lunch. Leaders used Lean to move operations into the black. The methodology improved the program and expanded its reach with new curriculum marketable to area school districts.
  • Flexovit USA
    Management at Flexovit USA headquarters turned to the Lean methodology to reduce costs. Little did they know that its implementation would help to increase abrasive product sales. By incorporating Lean into Flexovit’s mission statement, the methodology became a part of business operations.
  • Niagara Transformer Corp., Part 1
    Niagara Transformer Corp. – a manufacturer of transformers for industry, power generation and transmission, and science and research applications – faced production challenges with the growth of its large, custom-designed transformer sales. A comprehensive Lean training program overcame hurdles of a space-constrained facility.
  • Niagara Transformer Corp., Part 2
    Niagara Transformer Corp.’s foray into Lean left a significant impression, convincing leaders at the electric power transformer manufacturer to stay the course. Lean concepts and tools applied across company divisions improved flow and communication, lowered costs, and increased productivity.
  • Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center
    Leaders at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center recognized opportunities to improve service to the Greater Niagara community, especially when considering federal health care policies. Certified training in continuous improvement advanced patient healing by addressing noise level, heart failure patient readmissions and x-ray processing time.
  • The Mentholatum Company
    With an Executive-on-Loan program, The Mentholatum Company met and sustained improvement goals for its manufacturing of non-prescription pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Dedicated work teams increased productivity at the company’s headquarters, thanks to the expertise of a Lean professional, resulting in expanded capacity and greater potential for new business.
  • Gowanda Electronics
    High-performance magnetic components supplier Gowanda Electronics faced some looming problems, including lengthy and varying changeover times, and custom order lead times that could span weeks. The company acquired Lean foundational knowledge from TCIE and applied its tools and theories to spur operational improvements.
  • Perma Tech Inc.
    Perma Tech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment, had seen production area gains with implementing Lean applications. But officials were not convinced of the method’s ability to rectify inventory control and work order processing system issues in the front office. Perma Tech enlisted the help of TCIE to streamline and more effectively conduct and manage its administrative processes.