Perma Tech Inc.

Perma Tech Inc. executives discussing.

Perma Tech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment, had seen production area gains with implementing Lean applications. But officials of the Buffalo, NY, company were not convinced of the method’s ability to rectify inventory control and work order processing system issues in the front office. Perma Tech enlisted the help of TCIE to streamline and more effectively conduct and manage its administrative processes

The Approach

  • Facilitated extensive Lean training for all company administrative personnel, including:
    • A Lean overview, Value Stream/Process Mapping training, and 5-S workplace organization workshops
    • Standardized work training to help streamline office work flow
    • Problem-solving techniques and implementation training

The Impact

  • Reduced work order processing time by 90%
  • Converted dozens of order types from non-standard to standard, dramatically increasing ease and speed of processing
  • Assisted in achieving 10% business growth over the eight-month program
  • Implemented cross-training workforce procedures
  • Lean office improvements fueled meetings that were more productive and embedded with continuous improvement initiatives