You want your organization to thrive, and so do we.  We can help improve your operations – and thereby increase your competitive advantage – by leveraging UB’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

How do we develop excellence in people, processes and technology?

  • We serve clients of all types and sizes – many through multiple engagements over numerous years – including manufacturers, banks, governments, hospitals, educational institutions, and non-profit agencies.
  • Our team of distinguished faculty and professional facilitators has decades of industry experience to address your needs.
  • We are client-centered and don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach, so insist on customized solutions to attain the sustainable results that you expect.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Your goal is to acquire and sustain customers by delivering products and services at cost and on time without sacrificing quality. How do you do it? By developing efficient processes with a supportive company culture. Get there with our continuous improvement services, which recognize the importance of your people and are committed to ensuring value.
  • Technical Assistance
    Innovation is not a luxury, but a necessity. UB houses New York State’s largest public engineering school. It is stocked with expertise to deliver the technical assistance your business needs to knock down barriers, solve problems and foster breakthroughs.
  • Incentives
    Keeping up with the competition in a changing business environment is a challenge for any company, whether a start-up trying to gain traction or a mature business striving to stand out with an invention. We can connect you to grant opportunities and incentives to ease the obstacles.
  • Collaborate
    We are eager to connect you with resources available to sustain your business. And we seize the opportunity to collaborate with fellow UB centers and programs, other collegiate institutions and external partners from throughout the country.
  • Workforce Development
    At the core of our endeavors lies a commitment to collaboration within the region's workforce development ecosystem. We actively engage with diverse participants, ranging from industry leaders to training providers and wraparound service organizations.