Learner Stories

Our in-person and online courses reach individuals across the world. The stories below provide a glimpse into how our curriculum is changing lives.

  • John R. Morgan

    UB TCIE provided an 8-hour preventive maintenance training to employees at Panasonic Solar North America. John R. Morgan, general manager, says, "I think we have made a better return with this investment than any other to date. I highly recommend the folks at TCIE to other industrial leaders. They should leverage this fine local resource." 

  • Dianne Notaro

    Dianne Notaro works to give UB School of Dental Medicine patients a voice and ensure they receive the best care. Quality improvement skills are a must, and she is boosting hers with the aid of TCIE’s professional education. Expanding her repertoire is paying off: by leveraging course learnings, she is influencing policy changes. 

  • Leonardo Menezes

    Leonardo Menezes says Brazil is rife with bureaucracy, inefficiency and corruption. He believes blockchain technology is one answer that can help. So convinced is he that he walked away from the corporate world to pursue a higher purpose. A formal education in his home country, plus gaps filled in by the University at Buffalo, are part of his path.

  • Yasser Ramzan

    Yasser Ramzan is a process engineer in the oil and gas industry. He has served the field for the past five years, but wanted a broader perspective of the energy industry – one that covers all aspects – to boost his confidence.

  • Susan Gubing
    Long Island resident Susan Gubing specializes in locating and coordinating internships for high school students. To more effectively connect with manufacturers, she gained vocabulary and knowledge from our courses.