Learner Stories

Our online courses reach individuals across the world. The stories below provide a glimpse into how our curriculum is changing lives.

Long Island resident Susan Gubing specializes in locating and coordinating internships for high school students. To more effectively connect with manufacturers, she gained vocabulary and knowledge from our courses.
After 30+ years of business experience, Silvio Pietro Monticelli of Milan, Italy, is leveraging Europe’s appetite for adopting cutting-edge technologies. Our MOOCs helped inspire a new consulting career.
Massachusetts native Omar Infante is winding down his 17 years of service with the U.S. military. He is beginning a new career in manufacturing and needs a primer.
Ari Cohen of Chicago has a background in international relations and microbiology. But his job requires interaction with manufacturers. MOOCs about the digital age of Industry 4.0 are providing an education.