High ROI with preventive maintenance training

Published June 4, 2020

John R. Morgan.

John R. Morgan

UB TCIE provided an 8-hour preventive maintenance training to employees at Panasonic Solar North America. John R. Morgan, general manager, provided the following feedback.  

HR introduced us to the Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE) at UB. We are merging two distinct approaches to manufacturing excellence. What was needed was someone to provide an overview of preventive maintenance (PM) to two distinctly different manufacturing cultures. Someone to assist in plotting both cultures on a z-table, for example, and compare their differences and effectiveness. Our group was a highly experienced team that covered equipment maintenance, spare parts planning and control, equipment engineering, process engineering and general management. 

The result was amazing. What I thought would be nothing more than a “topics course” was much more than expected. We received what amounted to the general overview we had asked for, a roadmap for the evolution of a PM system and a method for assessing progress.

I was very impressed. The subsequent discussions with my teams has been very enlightening. Today, we are all aligned, know where we are, where we want to be and how to get there. I think we have made a better return with this investment than any other to date. I highly recommend the folks at TCIE to other industrial leaders. They should leverage this fine local resource.