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Students participate in a sustainability forum, one of the many ways in which the UB community keeps its pulse on topics and issues in sustainability.

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Three UB startups have received six-figure awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support commercialization of promising technologies that could benefit society by improving health care and providing broader access to clean water. The new funding recognizes the potential impact of the UB startups, which are working to improve the safety of MRI scans, enable early identification of unruptured brain aneurysms, and help alleviate drinking water shortages worldwide.


Co-workers say you’re too aggressive, and suggest you act more feminine. Your boss continuously questions your work, but readily accepts the work of male counterparts. Your PhD adviser suggests that your pregnancy is distracting you from finishing your thesis. Many women pursuing careers in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce face such scenarios. Yet they seldom receive instruction on how to best handle them.

The result? Women leave STEM jobs or are dissuaded from seeking leadership roles.


John D. Atkinson believes engineering students want to study abroad, but struggle to fit semester-long trips into dense schedules. So he found a way they can have that opportunity. Atkinson, assistant professor of environmental engineering, was one of eight UB faculty members who traveled to Costa Rica last June as part of UB’s first-ever Study Abroad incubator, a program for faculty and staff interested in designing and leading new study abroad initiatives.


The Western New York Prosperity Fellows spent the day with UB Sustainability on January 21st as part of their week long retreat around the region. The day started with an overview from Chief Sustainability Officer, Ryan McPherson, on how the University frames sustainability through the Sustainable Development Goals to accomplish a more resilient campus and creates the next generation of change agents. They then traveled to Wendel Architects to get some insight on how local businesses have been transitioning their operations to be more sustainable from the Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable.


The University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine is delivering more than healthy smiles this February. For its annual Give Kids A Smile Day — a national program dedicated to raising awareness about the prevalence of untreated dental disease and teaching children good dental health habits — the School of Dental Medicine will expand its services beyond oral health care to include free services from nurses, dieticians, social workers and audiologists.


Lake effect snowfall is one of nature’s greatest snow machines: It happens when cold winds flow over warmer water, giving rise to intense bands of precipitation that can dump several feet of snow on a single location in hours or days.

A new UB study aims to learn more about this phenomenon, which has sired some of the Great Lakes region’s most epic weather events — including a 2014 storm that buried parts of Western New York under 7 feet of snow.