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Life on Land

Managing forests and terrestrial ecosystems, while combating desertification, land degradation and biodiversity loss in a sustainable way.

The current way human activity functions is extractive to the land we live on. Conventional agriculture has sped up deforestation, and 31,000 animal species are threatened with extinction. The planet is losing vital habitats on land, and nations are falling short at conserving these spaces.

Basics of Beekeeping & Supporting Pollinators in Your Garden

Join David Hoekstra, PhD '16 and clinical assistant professor of biological sciences, who runs the UBBees research and outreach initiative, to discuss the basics of beekeeping, and/or supporting the bees by planting pollinator friendly plants at their houses. Learn about all the differences between a yellow jacket, honey bee, carpenter bee, bumble bee, and other kinds of bees. (UB Alumni, 7/29/20)

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