Sustainable Workplace Leader Training

Each department will assign a Sustainable Workplace Leader (SWL). The SWL is the main liaison between their workplace and UB Sustainability for the implementation of the SWC. There may be more than one SWL within each workplace if multiple individuals want to share the responsibilities. The time commitment will be approximately 1-4 hours each month, possibly higher during the initial certification process. The responsibilities of the SWL are:

1. Maintain communication with UB Sustainability regarding the SWC

2. Communicate with workplace throughout the process of the SWC

3. Attend sustainability training from UB Sustainability

4. Complete the SWC checklist, initially and for recertification

5. Ensure that SWC items are maintained between certifications

6. Lead initiatives within workplace to advance sustainability

The SWC Process

1. Get approval from workplace head to pursue SWC

2. Select Sustainable Workplace Leader (SWL)

3. SWL contacts UB Sustainability via SWC interest form (located below)

4. UB Sustainability contacts SWL with resources for completing the SWC a. Including sustainability training, sustainability pledge

5. SWL completes SWC checklist and submits it to UB Sustainability

6. UB Sustainability reviews submission and contacts SWL to discuss results

7. Receive certification

8. Complete steps 5-7 annually to maintain certification

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