Academics and the SDGs

We want to make it easier for you to embed sustainability into your education. The University at Buffalo is an excellent resource for sustainable courses, sustainable research, sustainable clubs and much more that can help get you involved in sustainability here at UB, in our Buffalo community, and beyond! 

University resources are organized by a Sustainable Development Goal. Select a goal that interests you and explore the many opportunities across all schools and the college here at UB. 

Sustainable Development Goals

Ending all types of poverty for everyone

Promoting sustainable agriculture and better nutrition while achieving food security and ending hunger

Ensuring healthy and happy lifestyles for all ages

Promoting inclusive, quality education

Empowering women and achieve gender equality

Managing water and sanitation in a sustainable way to ensure its availability to all

Making reliable and affordable energy more accessible to everyone

Promoting equitable and sustainable economic growth that offers dynamic and valuable jobs

Creating resilient infrastructure that promotes sustainable and constructive industrialization

Reducing inequalities found within the community 

Developing safe, resilient and sustainable places to live

Developing sustainable methods of product invention and consumer spending

Taking steps to combat climate change and its impacts 

Conserving and managing the marine resources and oceans to promote sustainable development of our world

Managing forests and terrestrial ecosystems, while combating desertification, land degradation and biodiversity loss in a sustainable way

Promoting peace and justice with effective, accountable and inclusive institutions

Revitalizing global partnerships for a sustainable future and strengthen the implementation of these goals