Sustainable Living on Campus

UB is proud to be among the top 2 percent of colleges and universities in North America for sustainable living.

As you pack for your move to college, keep in mind that the University at Buffalo is committed to sustainability. UB is well on its way to achieving carbon-neutrality by 2030 as an institution, and we have a set of 10 goals – our climate action plan – that provide guidance as we navigate through this journey.

We can all do our part to minimize our collective impact on the environment and encourage sustainable living on campus. We encourage purchasing consciously, using recycled products, reusing items, and developing community by sharing items in community spaces and residence halls. As you prepare to move in and connect with your new community, focus on two key priorities: reducing waste and building community. Before unpacking, carefully review your packing list and only bring what you truly need.

Below are several resources that UB Sustainability offers to all incoming students, including several recommended items that will service your needs without compromising the environment

Moving in the Green Way

The dorms.

Before packing for your move to campus, ask yourself if the items you are bringing are necessary. As an institution, we have seen firsthand how overpacking results in increased waste. Take a look at our packing list to avoid feeding the landfill.

Eco Friendly Living


Sustainability on Campus


Check out some of the following sustainability programs and initiatives offered on campus that you can get involved with as a new student!

Sustainability Programming Resources

hands and plants.

Are you a Resident Advisor looking for programming ideas? Or are you interested in infusing sustainability in your next meeting? Check out some of there ideas below.